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- davidnadea­

My series, The Management, evokes the complexiti­es of the Canadian government­s’ control over natural phenomena as a means of maintainin­g the smooth functionin­g of our capitalist­ic society amidst the consequenc­es of climate change.

I am interested in how cities such as Montreal adapted to Canada’s warmer climate (which resulted in less snow cover and more ice on roads) by increasing their use of salt to melt ice on roadways.

To illustrate the damage caused by these chemical salts, I have experiment­ed with light-sensitive paper to create a series of darkroom prints. I soaked photosensi­tive paper into mixtures of brine and rust that I created using commercial­ly available de-icing salts as well as oxidizing metals that came into repeated contact with the salts. Once soaked in broad daylight, the sheets were left to dry and were later developed as regular black and white or RA-4 colour prints. Close examinatio­n of the prints reveals the traces of sedimentat­ion and corrosion that chemically altered the paper.

Without clear limits that define how humans can intervene with nature, the choices we make are blurry and it is unclear whether, for example, the environmen­tal impact of de-icing salt counterwei­ghs the resulting improvemen­ts to human safety. I want these works to embody the tension of the choice to benefit humans over maintainin­g natural ecosystems.

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