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The Flávio Story + A Choice of Weapons


A pioneer in many respects, Gordon Parks was the first African American to photograph for Life and Vogue magazines and to direct a major Hollywood movie, The Learning Tree. The publicatio­n of Gordon Parks: The Flávio Story gives an in-depth account of a 1961 Life photoessay documentin­g poverty in Brazil and Parks’s years-long work on behalf of a Brazilian boy, his family, and their community. Gordon Parks died in 2006, but his reputation both for involved photojourn­alism and social action is legendary. The 2021 movie biography

A Choice of Weapons is an excellent introducti­on to the man’s life and work.

Gordon Parks: The Flávio Story 2018, 304 pages €58 Hardback, with free shipping Steidl

A Choice of Weapons: Inspired by Gordon Parks Directed by John Maggio, 2021, HBO Documentar­y Films Available in Canada on Crave

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