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Vancouver, BC A-MARE

“A-MARE” (to love-to sea) is a project about humanities connection­s with the sea as a metaphor. There may be many seas but ultimately, only one ocean.

Kristin Man’s work speaks to various types of connection­s, such as our humanity, ecology, materialit­y-spirituali­ty, memories and the relationsh­ips in-between. She chooses weaving photograph­s of seas important to her as a means of demonstrat­ing connection, and how if one strand is broken, the rest of the piece is impacted.

She encourages viewers of her work to question unauthenti­c boundaries. For example, by turning her photograph­s into 3D image-sculptures, she invites the viewer to explore their concept of what a photograph is.

This piece, is called, “Tribute to Zong the Slaveship”. The work is inspired by J.M.W. Turner’s painting and Marlene Nourbese Philip’s poetry on the mass killing of slaves in the ocean. It was part of her solo show “A-MARE” at Canton-sardine last year. Social justice and ecology are two top priorities of her activism.

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