Idea for a film

Prairie Fire - - STAN ROGAL -

“a man leaves paris [or some­where] & meets a woman [or doesn’t]”

“a di­rec­tor asked to make a film about a di­rec­tor asked to make a film”

“re­mains faith­ful to two in­cli­na­tions : the in­stinc­tive & the re­flec­tive”

“in­hu­man geo­met­ric con­tours con­tribute to the in­com­pre­hen­sions”

“a crime story w/cars, guns, night­clubs”

“de­tails which make char­ac­ters ex­ist”

“bitch-slap­ping two-bit thugs”

“the role is to ren­der them vul­ner­a­ble”

“rau­cous ag­gres­sive dis­plays of de­spi­ca­ble & unre­deemable qual­i­ties”

“who lost con­trol of the wheel & was al­most sent into the land­scape”

“things [only] take on mean­ing when they’re com­pleted”

“past im­pos­ture : if there was no go­dard we’d in­vent one”

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