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I have grown weary of the neb­u­lous, de­ceit­ful responses to im­por­tant ques­tions posed to our fed­eral gov­ern­ment.

An­swer­ing with vague, repet­i­tive, far­ci­cal canned rants doesn’t cut it for me any longer. An­swer­ing a ques­tion with a ques­tion or procla­ma­tion about an un­re­lated topic makes my blood boil! Pay­ing their friends to re­peat­edly study im­por­tant is­sues so they don’t have to deal with them should be out­lawed. Trav­el­ing the coun­try, meet­ing with the party faith­ful to get an­swers they al­ready know while drum­ming up votes should be de­nun­ci­ated with vigour.

All of the afore­men­tioned quickly leads to a much de­served up­roar from the op­po­si­tion benches turn­ing ques­tion pe­riod into a re­pug­nant re­vul­sion.

The Speaker should have the power to “DE­MAND” proper, log­i­cal an­swers. He should also warn the bom­bas­tic in­ter­rupters to cease, and fol­low up any re­peat of­fences with a quick ex­pul­sion from the house for 10 days and a $1,000 fine. That said, let me pose just a few ques­tions that de­serve some real an­swers:

1. Why did the Lib­er­als buy a $4.5 bil­lion pipe­line for sev­eral times its ac­tual ap­praised value and bride two ma­jor XL ex­ec­u­tives $1.5 mil­lion each as a bonus? And what about their abil­ity to get prod­uct from the end point to ships if a sep­a­rate com­pany holds the rights to the crit­i­cal pump­ing sta­tion link­ing the two? Will that com­pany hold the new pipe line own­ers at ran­som to move their prod­uct? Who dropped the ball on this one?

2. How much in­ter­est on the deficit for the $4.5 bil­lion to buy the ex­ist­ing pipe­line and $8 bil­lion more to build a new one cost tax­pay­ers? My hand cal­cu­la­tor says about an ad­di­tional half bil­lion an­nu­ally!

3. Why is the Deputy Par­lia­men­tary Of­fi­cer con­cerned that $7 bil­lion in new spend­ing can be spent any way the Lib­er­als wish with­out the nor­mal par­lia­ment scru­tiny? Ah shucks, like, its only $7 bil­lion dol­lars so why should we be con­cerned?

4. Canada’s home grown tech­nol­ogy firms are ask­ing why the Lib­eral gov­ern­ment signed a $500 mil­lion con­tract with IBM that could bal­loon to $800 mil­lion with­out bids? Did they do it only be­cause they could? Cer­tainly not be­cause of how badly the deal with IBM for the Phoenix farce turned out.

5. If the Lib­er­als claim the bil­lions of dol­lars they added to the bal­loon­ing deficit were to kick start the Cana­dian econ­omy why has it slowed to barely more than 1%? Why are half of so called new jobs gov­ern­ment hir­ings? Why are bil­lions of dol­lars of po­ten­tial in­vest­ment avoid­ing Canada?

6.Why are Lib­er­als blun­der­ing ahead with a le­gal pot pro­gram when they are light years away from a proper plan to deal with the mul­ti­tude of prob­lems it will bring? If the Lib­er­als would pull their heads out of the sand and look at what is hap­pen­ing where pot is al­ready le­gal, even they would be ashamed.

The le­gal pot pro­gram in Colorado is an un­mit­i­gated dis­as­ter.

Their ef­forts to squeeze out black mar­ket deal­ers is a dour fail­ure. Black mar­ket sales, spurred on by crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity, even from Mex­ico and Cuba, are boom­ing! Law en­force­ment is over­whelmed as crim­i­nals grow and smug­gle pot for huge prof­its to the states where it is out­lawed.

No one can sort out the crim­i­nals from the le­gal grow ops. Law en­force­ment per­son­nel have only raided eight crim­i­nal op­er­a­tions, so far this year, but seized over $1.5 mil­lion of prod­uct. Houses are be­ing trashed, noise lev­els have sky­rock­eted, and elec­tri­cal grids tapped into by less than safe or le­gal meth­ods.

Crim­i­nals are eas­ily un­der cut­ting gov­ern­ment prices. Wow, look we can look for­ward to, thanks to those run­ning our fed­eral gov­ern­ment.

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