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Some­times we need a lit­tle re­minder of what we've learned and what we mustn't for­get - I did. I think you'll find you might too. So add your name if it fits.

Dear {in­sert your name here}:

Some­times things don’t work out, many things do, though.

Try to let the things that didn’t work, go. Hav­ing bound­aries doesn’t close doors, it opens them to who and what mat­ter most.

There are no guar­an­tees when it comes to love, or any­thing else for that mat­ter. So get over it.

Life keeps moving and you will too, it’s just hard some­times. Do life well no mat­ter the di­rec­tion it goes.

You have great strength, share it when­ever pos­si­ble. It’s a gift, not a bur­den. Your heart is fi­nally open, keep it that way.

The other way, is just plain sad. There is al­ways a way. You have a knack for find­ing it, keep that.

Al­ways feel, feel­ing noth­ing, as plainly quiet as it is, is not liv­ing. You know that.

Stay naïve enough to pro­tect your kind­ness. That is the essence of who you are, as it should be.

Pa­tience is easy for you, be pa­tiently im­pa­tient some­times though. You’ve seen how it works.

Never for­get the bridge. It’s where you meet the best of peo­ple, half way.

Love the peo­ple you love, but don’t hold on tightly to them. They need space to love you, or not.

Don’t look too far in the dis­tance, it makes you dizzy. Ev­ery­thing you need is close by. Time on your own is long over due, and needed. Just let it be, al­ready.

Chil­dren make your heart full, sur­round your­self with them. Al­ways.

There is more beauty in start­ing over than you think, some­times. That’s why sec­ond chances ex­ist.

There is no per­fect any­thing. Thank­fully. Leave room in your heart for new peo­ple.

This is the thing that has changed your life the most, so far. Let peo­ple sur­prise you. They will, you know.

You love the desert and the ocean, find them. To­gether. Wait­ing around isn’t for you.

Let peo­ple come with you, or not. Al­ways do more of what makes you smile with­out think­ing. Life feels so right when that hap­pens.

Wel­come tears that spring up out of nowhere, it means your heart is still true, kind and open. You’ve got time, silly.

Just make it count. Yours, EB #writ­er­sofin­sta­gram #word­sto­liveby

(Erin Ben­ning is a south­east-Al­berta based writer, look for her on In­sta­gram and Face­book)

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