Draw­ing a pic­ture us­ing ‘paint by num­bers’

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While our fed­eral Lib­eral gov­ern­ment spe­cial­izes in in­cur­ring mas­sive amounts of debt on frivolous poorly planned and ex­e­cuted faux pas, they are ut­ter fail­ures at deal­ing with the other side of the ledger.

Re­cently, they qui­etly wrote off $3 bil­lion worth of loans to the auto in­dus­try and such coun­tries as Cuba and Romania.

The Lib­er­als’ new way, I guess, of re­duc­ing debt. Avoid­ing much de­served crit­i­cism, they wouldn’t di­vulge ex­actly how much or to whom.

Dis­play­ing more in­com­pe­tence, their Canada Rev­enue Agency is now fall­ing fur­ther be­hind in re­cov­er­ing more than $44 bil­lion for taxes owed. That fig­ure is pro­jected to rise to more than $47 bil­lion by 2020. The $352 mil­lion the feds dumped into the Canada Rev­enue agency two years ago must have just been wasted as the prob­lem con­tin­ues to in­crease by $2 bil­lion a year. Per­haps they should farm out the mas­sive mess to a few col­lec­tion agen­cies on a com­mis­sion ba­sis, as they seem ut­terly clue­less on how to do re­cov­er­ies.

The C.R.A. can’t even come up with a way to stop declar­ing Cana­di­ans mis­tak­enly de­ceased. They got it wrong on 319 cases dur­ing the pe­riod from 2016 to 2017 and 524 be­tween 2014 and 2015. With so much power they can de­clare you dead even with­out a death cer­tifi­cate. That’s far too much power be­yond their lim­ited abil­ity to get things right.

A Se­nate Com­mit­tee re­port fur­ther dams the C.R.A for re­ject­ing el­i­gi­bil­ity claims from dis­abled Cana­dian’s for their tax re­funds. Claims even­tu­ally over­turned left hun­dreds of claimants with­out re­im­burse­ment for up to 30 weeks! Imag­ine the ar­du­ous hin­drances suf­fered by gravely ill Cana­di­ans on low in­comes.

More num­bers prob­lems are rear­ing their ugly heads ev­ery­where. The “Sunny Ways” gang saw Canada’s trade deficit widen to al­most $3 bil­lion in May. That, in spite of fur­ther trash­ing our debt load wast­ing bil­lions on ques­tion­able schemes to “kick start” our econ­omy.

They boasted that 32,000 jobs were added in June. In real­ity, peo­ple who had to­tally given up find­ing em­ploy­ment were try­ing their luck again. That skewed their phoney num­bers so much that there were ac­tu­ally job losses. Fur­ther, 70% of the jobs were part time and are sure to be short term. Thus, the num­bers game to make it ap­pear that em­ploy­ment was up was just a big lie us­ing ma­nip­u­lated fig­ures.

Speak­ing of num­bers; I have a great idea to solve the thou­sands of asy­lum seek­ers il­le­gally en­ter­ing Canada and over­tax­ing the prov­inces abil­ity to cope with them. Sim­ply load them onto buses and es­cort them di­rectly to par­lia­ment hill with a note to con­tact Trudeau im­me­di­ately.

Also send an in­voice with them, payable to the prov­ince(s) for all costs in­curred. Let Trudeau fig­ure out how to feed, house, ed­u­cate, pro­vide health care, le­gal fees and wel­fare pay­ments. Af­ter the first thou­sand ar­rive, I be­lieve the Lib­er­als will get their heads straight and cor­rect the ut­ter farce they cre­ated.

Last but not least, the ut­terly un­nec­es­sary short­age of judges lingers on and on.

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