Pre­dictable pre­sump­tions on the feds

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JOB LOSSES: When the Lib­er­als fu­tile pre­text about in­creased em­ploy­ment in July was an­nounced with great fan­fare, I noted that their fig­ures were os­ten­sively cooked. The 54,000 mostly part time jobs they used, just as I pre­dicted, melted away as sum­mer waned.

PIPE­LINE PROGRESS: Their prom­ise to be­gin build­ing a pipe­line to the B.C. coast, start­ing this sum­mer has ut­terly failed. They made the rules to get it done, then cre­ated a catas­tro­phe be­cause they couldn’t even fol­low their own rules! True to form, they didn’t have a back up plan.

TRADE DEAL: If Trudeau would of­fer a few mi­nor con­ces­sions to the U.S.A, a new trade deal could be and should be com­pleted. As usual, he is try­ing to garner votes in Que­bec and On­tario by pro­tect­ing supply is­sues for a few mil­lion­aire milk pro­duc­ers that have jacked up the price for con­sumers for far too long. As I write this on September 11th, I will pre­dict that he will give them up, then with his usual propen­sity, dip into our daunt­ing deficit to buy them off to try for their votes.

THE IM­MI­GRA­TION DIS­AS­TER: Trudeau’s an­swer to his un­nec­es­sary screw up with im­mi­gra­tion was to get more min­is­ters in­volved. That three of them are caught up in the sham­bles can only add more con­fu­sion and anonymity to the fi­asco. So he cre­ated a cri­sis to stem the on­slaught of a cri­sis! To add to the tur­moil, a sec­ond fed­eral probe is brew­ing over im­mi­grants us­ing fake addresses to cir­cum­vent the sys­tem. The Lib­er­als must end the prac­tice of al­low­ing per­ma­nent res­i­dency be­fore par­tic­i­pants in pro­vin­cial pro­grams com­ply with ”ALL” the con­di­tions.

SAV­ING THE WORLD WHILE IG­NOR­ING CANA­DIAN CIT­I­ZENS: While Trudeau’s propen­sity to com­pla­cently add mil­lions of dol­lars to our deficit toss­ing money in ev­ery di­rec­tion for any cause; his own cit­i­zens lan­guish. An ex­am­ple, chil­dren in Canada’s North suf­fer an al­most 18 deaths per 100,000 mor­tal­ity rate while the na­tional av­er­age is 4.5!

Lib­eral ef­forts to re­duce poverty in Canada are a mix­ture of lu­nacy cou­pled with tex­trap­o­la­tions and false lamen­ta­tions. Ridicu­lous, far fetched goals with tar­get dates end­ing 12 years away are pa­thetic and a kick in the hun­gry guts of the nearly 4 mil­lion Cana­di­ans liv­ing be­low the poverty line! As usual a bloated bu­reau­cracy will con­fer and draw down mil­lions of dol­lars beyond what has be­come a scant sem­blance of a bal­anced bud­get!

ONE OF THE BEST COUN­TRIES IN THE WORLD TO LAUNDER YOUR MONEY: Lib­eral mis­man­age­ment and weak reg­u­la­tions that lack con­ti­nu­ity cry out for a cen­tral, pub­lic registry to iden­tify real own­ers of cor­po­ra­tions. Or­ga­nized crime, tax evaders and money laun­der­ers are call­ing Canada their des­ti­na­tion of choice! A colos­sal manda­tory for­ma­tion of a pro­fes­sional sys­tem to stem the tide is not Trudeau’s pref­er­ence. He would rather make life dif­fi­cult for Cana­dian small busi­ness.

Pre­dictable pre­sump­tions are easy to come by as the Lib­er­als con­tinue to in­un­date us with one after an­other of their capri­cious gov­ern­ing mis-deeds! Brace your­self folks. They still have a whole year.


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