So pre­dictable goes the Lib­eral ship...

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It’s not that I am so damn smart; but that the

Lib­er­als are so ar­ro­gant and stupid! That makes it easy for me to ap­pear to have mo­ments of ge­nius, al­ways at their ex­pense.

Con­stantly paint­ing them­selves into a cor­ner; they pre­dictably play the same, lame game, us­ing mean­ing­less, repet­i­tive su­per­fi­cial non-an­swers.

Life is won­der­ful, they claim, as they brag loudly of dis­as­ters they say were ac­com­plish­ments. They are masters of ig­nor­ing the bad and dump­ing their nasty left­overs onto Prov­inces, mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties, the ju­di­cial and health care sys­tems and Cana­di­ans at large.

They flaunted the so called new trade deal with the U.S.A. and Mex­ico’s as the best ac­com­plish­ment of all time. The stark facts are that there are still tar­iffs on our steel and alu­minum. We can’t do a trade deal with China or an­other coun­try with­out their ap­proval.

As I pre­dicted, they sold out our farm­ers. Of course they will add bil­lions of dol­lars to our deficit to bribe them to still vote Lib­eral.

I could con­tinue with their fail­ures list, but why should I? You see, we re­ally don’t have a trade deal at all. The whole pa­per ex­change was noth­ing more than a let­ter of in­ten­tions, good and bad. It won’t even be voted on by the Amer­i­cans un­til some­time next year. And there is cer­tainly lit­tle chance it will pass at that time given their dys­func­tional way of gov­ern­ing. How can the Lib­er­als keep in­or­di­nately brag­ging about such a noth­ing burger.

The Lib­eral le­gal pot day ar­rived. To no one’s sur­prise, the rush to bring it on cre­ated a horde of cri­sis that were never nec­es­sary. Sup­plies are mad­den­ingly short. Se­lec­tion is poor. Thou­sands of con­flict­ing rules and reg­u­la­tions abound. The med­i­cal side, a huge part of it all, has been com­pletely ig­nored. And that in­cludes the ab­so­lute fact that young Cana­di­ans ages 12 to 25 will sus­tain per­ma­nent brain dam­age, de­pres­sion, at­tempts at sui­cide and learn­ing dis­or­ders.

There was no thought that one in 10 will be ad­dicted. Some very good re­search re­veals that Cana­dian mo­tor ve­hi­cle re­lated deaths will in­crease by 10% or about 120 per year. Se­ri­ous in­juries will in­crease by about 9,600. Thanks to Trudeau’s “Happy Times Are Here Par­tyHardy Time” pro­gram, Cana­di­ans can now drive while drunk, stoned and do­ing a real poor job of tex­ting, all at once! And our youth from ages 16 to 34 will be most heav­ily in­volved with at­ten­tion span is­sues for ev­ery one in six, vs. one in ten for adults. School drop outs will rise along with tes­tic­u­lar can­cer, messed up ba­bies and preg­nan­cies. Work op­por­tu­ni­ties will drop ac­cord­ingly as in­sur­ance rates sky-rocket.

Le­gal pot was highly taunted by Lib­eral spin doc­tors as the end of crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity in the drug trade. But with the dras­tic short­age of le­gal dis­pensers and prod­uct it will prob­a­bly in­crease. A new wrinkle has al­ready been added. Five armed men jumped 4 work­ers at a le­gal grow up in On­tario, tied them up, locked them up and stole their pos­ses­sions. They left the scene with sev­eral garbage bags of pot in a stolen car. Hardly a sure sign that le­gal pot pre­vents crime.

The RCMP, al­ready dras­ti­cally un­der­staffed and un­der­paid, es­ti­mate that in­creased drug test­ing will be un­man­age­able! Their labs will be over­whelmed for at least the next four years as de­mand for tests rise from 550 to 6,400 an­nu­ally. I can eas­ily pre­dict that al­ready over taxed court sys­tems will con­tinue to dis­miss cases by the thou­sands that can­not be heard in a rea­son­able time.

As for busi­nesses mak­ing mil­lions of dol­lars on weed; some will, since they will not be har­nessed with the bil­lions of dol­lars tax pay­ers will pay to com­bat the afore­men­tioned is­sues and hun­dreds more I haven’t even men­tioned.

We owe this mess to our won­der­ful, in­tran­si­gent Lib­eral govern­ment, so please be sure and let them know how un­happy you are with Trudeau’s clois­tered con­tri­bu­tion for the bet­ter­ment of mankind as he fid­dles while Canada burns!


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