Swift Cur­rent RCMP dealt with large ar­ray of is­sues

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The fol­low­ing is a syn­op­sis of calls for ser­vice for the dates in­di­cated for the Swift Cur­rent Mu­nic­i­pal RCMP: 2018-NOVEM­BER-30

4:23 PM -While on patrol of­fi­cers is­sued a ticket to the male driver of a brown GMC 1500 for fail­ing to to obey a stop sign.

5:02 PM -While on patrol of­fi­cers is­sued in­spec­tion tick­ets to the male driver of a black GMC Canyon to have the win­dow tint on his ve­hi­cle re­moved.

8:32 PM -911 call from a fe­male ad­vis­ing she's be­ing threat­ened by her neigh­bour. This mat­ter is still un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

9:04 PM - Re­port of a bark­ing dog on the 200 block of 10th Av­enue N.W. Of­fi­cers con­tacted the prop­erty owner who ad­vised he was at work but would have some­one at­tend his res­i­dence to put the dog in­side.

9:43 PM - Re­port of a dis­pute at a dwelling unit on the 400 block of 1st Av­enue N.W. Of­fi­cers at­tended the res­i­dence and spoke to all in­volved par­ties to keep it down. While at the res­i­dence an adult fe­male was ar­rested on out­stand­ing war­rants. The fe­male was later re­leased on doc­u­ments and given a court date.

2018-DECEM BER-01

1: 10 AM - Re­port of a sus­pi­cious white Dodge Ram at the en­trance of a busi­ness on the 2200 block of Patterson Drive. The caller could see a male be­hind the driver's seat asleep and drool­ing on him­self. Of­fi­cers at­tended and lo­cated the truck along with the driver asleep in the ve­hi­cle who was de­ter­mined to be im­paired by al­co­hol. The adult male was ar­rested and will be charged with im­paired driv­ing.

2:35 AM - Re­port of a male who keeps call­ing a fa­cil­ity on the 300 block of Ma­coun Drive ask­ing to a fe­male who does not live at that res­i­dence. Of­fi­cers con­tacted the male, who re­sides in Al­berta, and ad­vised him he needed to stop call­ing the fa­cil­ity. The male sounded like he had been con­sum­ing al­co­hol and stated he was try­ing to find out where his grand­mother lives. The male was ad­vised by po­lice to con­tact his health re­gion in the morn­ing as they may be able to as­sist him in lo­cat­ing where his grand­mother now lives.

1 :58 PM - Re­quest to con­duct a well­be­ing check on a fe­male youth. The fe­male was later lo­cated.

3: 19 PM - Re­port of sho­plifters at a busi­ness on the 1800 block of 22nd Av­enue N.E. Of­fi­cers at­tended and ar­rested an adult male and an adult fe­male. Both sub­jects will be charged with Theft Un­der $5000.

3:36 PM -911 call of an in­tox­i­cated male be­hind a busi­ness on the 100 block of 1st Av­enue N.E. sit­ting in the snow. Of­fi­cers at­tended the lo­ca­tion but the male had left area prior to po­lice ar­rival.

6:00 PM - Re­port from a male ad­vis­ing if po­lice want to talk to him they can come in­side his garage in­stead of stand­ing out­side his res­i­dence. The male was ad­vised no po­lice were out­side his res­i­dence as they were all at the De­tach­ment.

7:14 PM -911 call of a fam­ily dis­pute where the caller's nephew was taken by the caller's sis­ters boyfriend and they are be­lieved to be head­ing to a lo­ca­tion on the O block of 1st Av­enue N.E. Of­fi­cers fol­lowed up on the com­plaint and de­ter­mined the dis­pute had been about the nephew not clean­ing the house & left the res­i­dence in or­der to stop the ar­gu­ment he'd been hav­ing with his mother.


1: 10 AM -While on pa­trols of­fi­cers ar­rested an adult male for be­ing in­tox­i­cated in a pub­lic place. The male was re­leased once sober and charged un­der the Al­co­hol & Gam­ing Reg­u­la­tions Act.

2:26 AM - Re­port of neigh­bours in a dwelling unit on the 300 block of 2nd Av­enue S.E. ar­gu­ing and yelling for the past two hours. Of­fi­cers at­tended the lo­ca­tion and no noise could be heard. Of­fi­cers spoke to the ten­ants of the apart­ment and told them to keep it down as com­plaints of their ar­gu­ing had been re­ceived.

8: 19 AM - Re­port of a res­i­den­tial panic alarm on the 700 block of 6th Av­enue N. E. Of­fi­cers de­ter­mined the alarm to be false. A youth in the home had pressed the alarm by mis­take.

11 :45 AM -911 call of a do­mes­tic dis­pute on the 100 block of Grey Street W. The caller's boyfriend had at­tended the res­i­dence to ob­tain be­long­ings end­ing in them yelling and swear­ing at each other. Of­fi­cers at­tended the res­i­dence. This mat­ter is still un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

12:00 PM - Re­port from two fe­males, each mak­ing a com­plaint about the other about on-go­ing is­sues be­tween the two of them such as fol­low­ing each other while driv­ing and giv­ing each other the finger. Both fe­males were told by po­lice to leave the other alone.

12:37 PM - Re­port of a male friend show­ing up at the caller's res­i­dence over night and knock­ing on the door and then mov­ing to the win­dow. The caller did not in­vite the male into her home and he even­tu­ally left. This mat­ter is still un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

1 :44 PM - Re­port of a semi block­ing the road on the 500 block of North Ser­vice Road E. Of­fi­cers at­tended the area but the semi had left prior to their ar­rival.

2:00 PM -While on patrol of­fi­cers came across a brown Honda Pilot in the ditch on the 1100 block of South Ser­vice Road E. Of­fi­cers spoke to a fe­male who was the only oc­cu­pant of the ve­hi­cle. The driver stated she hit a patch of ice while driv­ing and hit a light pole be­fore go­ing into the ditch. No one was in­jured as a re­sult of the col­li­sion.

3:08 PM - Re­port of two ten­ants be­ing asked to move out of a res­i­dence. The caller ad­vised they had re­ceived a text mes­sage from their land­lord ad­vis­ing they need to move and they don't know what they will do. The caller was ad­vised that they will re­ceive an evic­tion no­tice that will out­line how long they have to move to a new home and that if they had fur­ther con­cerns they could con­tact the rentals­man of­fice.

9:52 PM - Re­port of a male who is hav­ing con­cerns with hal­lu­ci­na­tions. The male has health con­cerns as well as is­sues with sub­stance abuse and is re­fus­ing to go to the hos­pi­tal. Of­fi­cers at­tended the males res­i­dence and spoke with him. He ad­vised that he was okay and had a doc­tor's ap­point­ment sched­uled for the fol­low­ing day.

11:01 PM - Re­port of two bob­cats do­ing snow re­moval in a park­ing lot across the al­ley on the 200 block of Con­lin Drive. The caller stated they asked them to stop but they haven't. Sec­ond call re­ceived stat­ing they had stopped.

11:32 PM - Re­port of a pos­si­ble break & en­ter oc­cur­ring in a dwelling unit on the 300 block Chea­dle Street E. The caller stated he could hear some­one in the va­cant apart­ment in his build­ing. Of­fi­cers at­tended the dwelling unit and spoke to a fe­male who ad­vised she had gone into the va­cant suite to get wa­ter be­cause the wa­ter in her suite tastes hor­ri­ble.

She did not have per­mis­sion to be in that suite. This mat­ter is still un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

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