More blame and shame from the Trudeau Lib­er­als

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All gov­ern­ments must be com­pelled to be ac­count­able for their disas­ters.

Politi­cians are no­to­ri­ous for blam­ing their prob­lems on the gov­ern­ment they re­placed. On the other hand too of­ten, they are har­nessed with a mess to mop up.

From mu­nic­i­pal to to fed­eral and in be­tween each spews re­proach on the other for their prob­lems. No one raises taxes needed to fix them for fear of not get­ting elected. The Trudeau Lib­er­als took this a step fur­ther cre­at­ing a mas­sive deficit while do­ing lit­tle to re­solve even ba­sic ones.

I note the Lib­er­als con­tinue to vig­or­ously and re­peat­edly screw vet­er­ans. So badly, that they now are fac­ing four class ac­tion law suits. Af­ter more than 3 years they should stop blam­ing the Con­ser­va­tives, and take own­er­ship for their lack of ac­tion.

One is­sue, the bun­gled cal­cu­la­tions from eight years ago that hid $165,000 en­ti­tle­ments from 272,000 vets should have re­ceived im­me­di­ate at­ten­tion. The Lib­eral re­sponse was to de­lay it un­til 2020. 170,000 vets have since passed on and even more will be­fore 2020. Their lies that es­tates will re­ceive the en­ti­tle­ment are just that with no way to lo­cate the re­cip­i­ents.

Af­ter three “ad­just­ments, the lat­est fed­eral plan, ac­cord­ing to the Par­lia­men­tary Bud­get of­fi­cer; re­ally screws se­verely wounded vet­er­ans. The ini­tial sys­tems bud­get was $50 bil­lion. The Con­ser­va­tive ver­sion cut that to $29 bil­lion. The Lib­er­als then raised that ver­sion by a pal­try $3 bil­lion. To top it off, the sys­tem is so com­pli­cated, it is worse than the In­come Tax Act to use. Given the afore­men­tioned, one could read­ily as­sume that they are out to fleece the vets. So add good bye for vet’s votes to the al­ready lost indige­nous ones.

The pa­tron­age ap­pointed Se­nate Ethics of­fi­cer is be­hav­ing like a good Lib­eral. Sit­ting on a an­nual bud­get of $1.2 mil­lion and get­ting a daily stipend of $800, he hasn’t pub­lished anything in 18 months. Sev­eral glar­ing is­sues from red cham­ber mem­bers should have been re­solved long ago.Vig­i­lance, zero. Obli­ga­tion, huge.

The same ter­ri­ble treat­ment emit­ted from the P.M.’of­fice in the Jody Wil­son-Ray­bould af­fair has raised its ugly head re­gard­ing for­mer am­bas­sador to Is­rael Vi­vian Ber­covici.

Trudeau had the right to fire her but what hap­pened af­ter was typ­i­cal Butts and com­pany.

Put downs, dom­i­na­tion, lack of com­pas­sion, abuse of power and ha­rass­ment are now al­leged in her law­suit. $32,000 for pen­sion ben­e­fits de­lib­er­ately with­held. She is also su­ing for mil­lions of dol­lars for puni­tive and moral dam­ages.

I sin­cerely doubt that the Lib­eral car­nage will ever end as we con­tinue to wit­ness even more detri­men­tal hap­pen­ings by the mis­guided ones in charge.

One other dis­grace­ful, shame­ful, neg­li­gence by our Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment and other politi­cians in our cap­i­tal city Ot­tawa: chron­i­cally home­less fam­i­lies rose by 143% to 230.

In the last year, the city signed agree­ments with six more ho­tels and mo­tels, pay­ing an av­er­age of $3,000 per fam­ily per month.

Its bud­get is over­spent by nearly $6 mil­lion. The to­tal cost for the home­less in 2018 neared $80 mil­lion.

The money could be bet­ter spent on rent but there is noth­ing to rent. Many fam­i­lies are there, hav­ing il­le­gally crossed into Canada due to Trudeau’s farce on im­mi­gra­tion. It would cost $2 bil­lion just to clear up Ot­tawa’s af­ford­able hous­ing is­sues.

So what if we dared to look at the mo­rose sit­u­a­tion Canada wide? Add to that,1.3 mil­lion chil­dren liv­ing in poverty. Food banks 550 and food pro­grams 3,000.

Trudeau con­tin­ues to dwell in the triv­ial, while sup­press­ing what re­ally counts.

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