The ship­wreck that is Justin Trudeau

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Ap­par­ently there was an S.O.S. sent out from a ship in trou­ble on or near the par­lia­ment build­ings. While the ship was slowly sink­ing, at least 13 of the crew were seen swim­ming away quickly to avoid be­ing pulled un­der by the im­pend­ing un­der-tow!

One of many prob­lems caus­ing Lib­eral mem­bers to never again want to ever crew a Lib­eral owned ship is the Ad­mi­ral Mark Nor­man court case. It seems that cap­tain Justin and first mate Ger­ald Butts steered the ship onto the rocks again, this time with dire re­sults. Try­ing hard to get Nor­man to walk the plank and take a hit for some more po­lit­i­cal in­ter­fer­ence cen­tred around ten­der­ing for ship build­ing had a fa­mil­iar, pa­thetic ring to it. Es­pe­cially since Nor­man was sin­gled out from 73 oth­ers; ob­vi­ously another vin­dic­tive play by Trudeau! The case was so poor, the crown pros­e­cu­tor stayed the pro­ceed­ings once the truth came out!

One of the first 13 to aban­don ship was the highly re­garded, re­tired gen­eral, An­drew Les­lie. He was so fed up with the Lib­er­als, he was go­ing to tes­tify on be­half of Nor­man. Trudeau, was will­ing to pay for the le­gal ex­penses for Les­lie but not a penny to cover Nor­man’s le­gal fees which were ap­proach­ing $500,000! Then, try­ing to avoid fur­ther dam­age; he de­cided to take a 1/2 mil­lion dol­lars of our tax money to pay Nor­man; hop­ing to avoid be­ing sued as well. No won­der Scott Brin­son bailed early, try­ing to avoid his part in the de­ba­cle! And we thought the atro­cious be­hav­iour to­ward Jody W.R., Jane Phillpott and Se­lena Cha­vannes would be hard to beat! Not a penny out of Trudeau’s pocket. Are we fi­nally tired of the mil­lions wasted from our earn­ings to cover one screw up af­ter another? Time for a change?

China con­tin­ues to whit­tle away at Canada, caus­ing bil­lions of dol­lars lost due to the Lib­eral in­ept han­dling when they ar­rested and de­tained, China’s dear Ms. Meng, now await­ing de­por­ta­tion to the U.S.A. Trudeau re­mains in un­fath­omable chaos, not even re­plac­ing our am­bas­sador af­ter trash­ing John McCal­lum for call­ing a spade, a spade.

China has sus­pended pork, canola, peas and $2 bil­lion worth of soy bean im­ports and I see no end for that or the Cana­di­ans be­ing held as hostages. Trudeau’s an­swer for al­most ev­ery­thing; throw mil­lions of dol­lars at Cana­dian busi­nesses harmed and hope they have short mem­o­ries at elec­tion time. Same pro­gram for our steel work­ers he screwed by al­low­ing U.S. il­le­gal tar­iffs to con­tinue as part of his badly flawed trade ne­go­ti­a­tions.

As his ship sinks and his crew scat­ters to try to avoid wear­ing his enig­matic dilem­mas, the ego­cen­tric Trudeau spends his time and mil­lions of our hard earned tax dol­lars try­ing to bribe his way onto a seat in the U.N. se­cu­rity Coun­cil. That old boy’s club, par­a­lyzed by ve­tos on most votes by Rus­sia and China is be­yond any­thing more than use­less de­bate and to­tal in­ac­tion!

His other pass-time is now se­lect­ing judges and sen­a­tors from a spe­cial Lib­eral do­na­tion list that even in­cludes what sized lawn signs they dis­played dur­ing elec­tions! It ap­pears he owns the full sup­port of elec­tions Canada as well, when­ever a fix is re­quired!

In clos­ing, I find it most in­ter­est­ing that SNC Lavalin is scal­ing back op­er­a­tions in 15 coun­tries af­ter show­ing some re­cent losses. Could it be that be­ing un­able to bribe their way to over-in­flated bids, hav­ing a ter­ri­ble rep­u­ta­tion and hav­ing to play by the same rules as ev­ery­one else makes it much harder to do busi­ness?


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