Just a few of many Lib­eral-in­spired ad­ver­si­ties

Prairie Post (East Edition) - - NEWS - By Dale Fer­rel

Just as I was about to write this, the fed­eral Lib­er­als, to­tally void of any re­morse­ful­ness, an­nounced that a white­washed Ger­ald Butts was back in the fold. I’ve main­tained all along that Butts has never left the scene. I make that ob­ser­va­tion due to the Lib­er­als con­tin­ued de­vi­ous, ir­ra­tional hog­wash that has never missed a beat. Thats the Butts pro­gram and he is still run­ning the show for our clue­less Prime Min­is­ter. Be pre­pared to be en­meshed and hood­winked in more brazen,” my way or the high­way” tac­tics and lame at­tempts to white­wash one mess af­ter an­other.

Nei­ther Butts, Trudeau or most of their stunned min­is­ters should be in charge of any­thing. Their bro­ken, pa­tron­age ap­pointed mis-di­rected bu­reau­cracy lurches from one ex­pen­sive dis­as­ter to the next. And we pay for ev­ery un­ac­cept­able mis­take.

Item 1. Yet an­other On­tario First Na­tion has de­clared a state of emer­gency over their ter­ri­ble wa­ter sys­tem. The Lib­er­als hire their friends to study the prob­lem, but noth­ing ever gets done to rec­tify it.

Item 2. With great fan­fare, the Lib­er­als in­tro­duced new air pas­sen­ger reg­u­la­tions to curb the on­go­ing, hor­ri­ble abuse by air­lines. It was sim­ply a re­hash of the use­less ex­ist­ing pro­gram In re­al­ity it might be worse! In fact this, like most Lib­eral pro­grams, just an­other ill planned mess. And like their other pro­grams it will be chal­lenged by both the air­lines and the rights ac­tivists. The air­lines will con­tinue to use the same ex­cuses like un­avoid­able weather or un­fore­seen me­chan­i­cal is­sues to nul­lify most of the claims.

Item 3. Trudeau’s con­stant bab­ble about his great re­la­tions with the man child Pres­i­dent; Trump is wear­ing very thin for those of us in touch with re­al­ity. Trump will do noth­ing to bail him out from his self im­posed China prob­lem. Trump has now is­sued Buy Amer­ica rules at 75% that will trash Cana­dian steel pro­duc­ers. Trudeau will fol­low his well es­tab­lished re­sponse for try­ing to patch up his screw ups by throw­ing more of our dol­lars at the busi­nesses suf­fer­ing from his mis­man­age­ment.

Item 4. An­other per­fect ex­am­ple; nearly $1 bil­lion to set­tle a class ac­tion law­suit by Cana­dian Armed Forces mem­bers who were and con­tinue to be sex­u­ally ha­rassed. Ev­ery­thing Trudeau fails to fix or trashes must be bought out with our money.

Item 5. Trudeau’s gov­ern­ment re­peat­edly gets caught for of­fer­ing help to our most needy while cre­at­ing ap­pli­ca­tion forms that are so com­pli­cated that they have lit­tle hope of ap­ply­ing! Their child ben­e­fit forms are fi­nally be­ing im­proved af­ter thou­sands of el­i­gi­ble ap­pli­cants who are in­for­mal care­givers were un­able to ap­ply. The same tac­tics were used on armed forces ap­pli­cants who were des­per­ate for as­sis­tance. Is this de­lib­er­ate or just ut­ter stu­pid­ity?

Item 6. the Lib­eral bu­reau­cracy is so dys­func­tional; they spent about $95 thou­sand to date to hire ush­ers to hold the doors open at the Se­nate, wait for it ….. be­cause they didn’t in­stall enough auto door open­ers!

7. Not to be out­done; Parks Canada just blew $65 thou­sand to build a fence on Sig­nal Hill in St. Johns, New­found­land. The idea was so bad, lo­cal cit­i­zens tran­scended into out­right re­bel­lion. One week af­ter it was com­pleted, it is now be­ing taken down. No info yet on the cost for that. In no way can Cana­di­ans af­ford 4 more years of this “dog and pony show.”

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