Lib­er­als liv­ing in de­nial, blam­ing Con­ser­va­tives

Prairie Post (East Edition) - - PRAIRIE OPINION - By Dale Fer­rel

Af­ter us­ing their ma­jor­ity gov­ern­ment like a dic­ta­tor­ship on ev­ery oc­ca­sion to stop in­ves­ti­ga­tions into their sala­cious tam­per­ing and sor­did op­pres­sions, the Lib­er­als also cre­ated new rules for elec­tion spend­ing. Know­ing that the Con­ser­va­tives would gain far more as in­dig­nant vot­ers poured mil­lions their way, they qui­etly changed the rules, solely for the Lib­eral ben­e­fit.

Then they also, de­filed their right to govern, in­stead us­ing it as an ex­cuse to cam­paign and go to places where they can buy the most votes. Es­pe­cially in Que­bec and of course in Trudeau’s own rid­ing. There, they promised huge amounts of our money for pro­posed projects that should have been de­liv­ered but were with-held un­til the elec­tion.

They con­tinue, by way of false obli­ga­tions, re­peated to prom­ises al­ready made. They prom­ise what ini­tially ap­pears to be large, but are ridicu­lous mean­ing­less amounts spread over im­pos­si­ble time­lines for five or even ten years. No hope of a bal­anced bud­get or fi­nanc­ing! Such rub­bish is just trick­ery to get elected

They con­sis­tently throw money, never re­quired, if they had not screwed up, to suf­fer­ing Cana­di­ans. $1.75 bil­lion to farm­ers for their in­evitable fail­ures on trade deals.

Hop­ing their con­tra­dic­tions, in­dig­ni­ties and in­con­sis­ten­cies will some­how be for­got­ten. They threw 27 mil­lion at suf­fer­ing refugee and immigrant prob­lems of their own mak­ing in On­tario. Then they blamed the Ford gov­ern­ment for not prop­ping up the mess they dumped on them.

Af­ter ig­nor­ing their daunt­ing needs for four years, the Lib­er­als sud­denly found a need to re-an­nounce a prom­ise they never kept. Now, Nu­navut has an­other prom­ise for $510 mil­lion …. wait for it ….. over the next “NINE” years for hous­ing!

No men­tion of the 24,000 jobs lost dur­ing the peak em­ploy­ment pe­riod of July, or un­em­ploy­ment ris­ing to 5.7%. Nor of Canola prices drop­ping 10% for a $1 bil­lion loss to our farm­ers. They ma­li­ciously ig­nore the needs of most Cana­di­ans where votes don’t count. Noth­ing for Al­berta, Saskatchew­an or Man­i­toba ex­cept the con­tin­ued ex­pec­ta­tion that they will pro­vide bil­lions of dol­lars for a very un­equal equal­iza­tion pro­gram to buy votes in East­ern Canada!

The SNC Lavalin de­ba­cle won’t go away be­cause it keeps get­ting worse as more of the truth comes out. The Ethics Com­mis­sioner has fi­nally re­leased his re­port. Only the dumb­est most neu­rotic of “Pretty Boys Fan Club”; wal­low­ing in full de­nial, will show up to vote for him now. Still; the ly­ing, ma­nip­u­lat­ing, bul­ly­ing and tyr­an­niz­ing are be­ing de­nied by Trudeau.

First he said he fully ac­cepted the Ethics Com­mis­sion­ers re­port. He then, in true Trudeau form, said he dis­agreed with it; and failed to apol­o­gize ob­vi­ously con­vinced that he is above the law! The Ethics Com­mis­sioner showed tremen­dous anger that even he had been de­nied ac­cess to nine wit­nesses by the Lib­eral loaded Ethics Com­mis­sion, al­though he was en­ti­tled to it. The whole sys­tem is so jaun­diced …. wait for it …. only Trudeau can de­cide how to pe­nal­ize him­self !

This chronic, con­de­scend­ing, ar­ro­gant brat has turned our do­min­ion into noth­ing less than a Ba­nana Repub­lic. His an­tics show how terribly far off the edge of un­der­stand­ing re­al­ity he lives. It has now be­come manda­tory that he be re­jected by ev­ery pos­si­ble means in the up­com­ing elec­tion if Cana­di­ans hope for any de­cent recog­ni­tion by the rest of the world!

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