Al­berta tax­pay­ers are be­ing over­charged by $10 bil­lion for gov­ern­ment ser­vices

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The Cana­dian Tax­pay­ers Fed­er­a­tion re­acted to the Blue Rib­bon Panel’s re­port that shows Al­berta tax­pay­ers are be­ing over­charged by $10 bil­lion per year for gov­ern­ment ser­vices com­pared to other prov­inces, such as Bri­tish Columbia, On­tario and Que­bec.

“Al­berta tax­pay­ers are be­ing over­charged by $10 bil­lion ev­ery year,” said Franco Ter­raz­zano, Al­berta Di­rec­tor for the CTF. “Al­ber­tans have been duped into over­pay­ing for a high­cost gov­ern­ment. Now we’re drown­ing in debt. Our politician­s need to fix this spend­ing prob­lem im­me­di­ately, start­ing with the up­com­ing bud­get.”

The Al­berta gov­ern­ment spends $2,451 per per­son more than the av­er­age of B.C., On­tario and Que­bec, ac­cord­ing to the Blue Rib­bon Panel’s re­port. This means spend­ing would be $10.4 bil­lion less ev­ery year if Al­berta’s spend­ing was on par with the av­er­age of th­ese com­pa­ra­ble prov­inces.

If over­spend­ing con­tin­ues, debt in­ter­est pay­ments could to­tal $3.7 bil­lion in 2022, ac­cord­ing to the panel. This an­nual in­ter­est pay­ment would cost ev­ery Al­ber­tan about $800. “Al­ber­tans are count­ing on the new gov­ern­ment to right past wrongs and stop over­charg­ing tax­pay­ers. If B.C. and On­tario can fig­ure out a way to pro­vide ser­vices for less money, why can’t Al­berta?”

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