City of Swift Cur­rent ap­proves funds for more road re­pairs

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More roads in Swift Cur­rent will be im­proved this con­struc­tion sea­son through the use of a re­vised ap­proach that uses a lighter sur­face treat­ment.

Coun­cil­lors ap­proved a change or­der to the 2020 as­phalt and con­crete con­tract dur­ing a reg­u­lar coun­cil meet­ing that took place via video con­fer­ence, June 15.

The change or­der pro­vides an ad­di­tional $763,730 (PST in­cluded, GST ex­cluded) to the con­trac­tor to com­plete over 20 blocks of ma­jor road­ways dur­ing this road con­struc­tion sea­son through the use of a re­vised ap­proach.

Coun­cil awarded the $2.6 mil­lion as­phalt and con­crete con­tract for 2020 to Mo­bile Paving Ltd. in April. The size of that con­tract was smaller than orig­i­nally planned due to the COVID-19 pub­lic health re­stric­tions and the un­cer­tain na­ture of the 2020 con­struc­tion sea­son.

The City there­fore de­cided not to spend the en­tire $4.1 mil­lion for this year’s as­phalt and con­crete pro­gram, but to de­fer $1.5 mil­lion to 2021. How­ever, it be­came clear that more work will be re­quired this year to ad­dress the de­te­ri­o­ra­tion of city streets.

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Mitch Minken, the City’s gen­eral man­ager of infrastruc­ture and op­er­a­tions, said the last few win­ters were harsh and the freeze-thaw cy­cles caused a rapid de­cline in the in­spec­tion rat­ings of roads.

“Pri­mar­ily we’re at­tribut­ing it to weather,” he noted. “I mean, it’s just age as well. Some of these road­ways haven’t been touched in a while. So a com­bi­na­tion of age, traf­fic and weather.”

The City there­fore de­cided to use a change or­der to amend the as­phalt and con­crete con­tract with Mo­bile Paving Ltd. to add $763.730 from the funds that were de­ferred to 2021.

“The over­whelm­ing amount of patch­ing has al­ready ex­hausted the 2020 main­te­nance bud­get,” he said.

“The En­gi­neer­ing Depart­ment ex­plored a re­vised ap­proach to ad­dress the in­creased num­ber of road­ways re­quir­ing re­pair to im­prove the con­di­tion of the ma­jor road­way as­sets. A pri­or­ity list fo­cus­ing on col­lec­tor and ar­te­rial road­ways was es­tab­lished from a re­cent pave­ment assess­ment.”

This lighter sur­face treat­ment will con­sist of a 50 mil­lime­tres mill and fill on the driv­ing lanes of col­lec­tor and ar­te­rial roads.

“Pre­vi­ously, we would have done the en­tire road­way, right from curb to curb,” he ex­plained. “In this ap­proach, we’re leav­ing the park­ing lanes in­tact. We’re go­ing to mill just the driv­ing lanes and we’ll put a 50 mil­lime­tres lift on there. So take out 50 mil­lime­tres, put a fresh 50 mil­lime­tres in the driv­ing lane to smooth out any rut­ting and any pot­holes or fail­ures that are there.”

A new road­way will typ­i­cally have two lay­ers of 50 mil­lime­tres each, but with this re­vised ap­proach only the top layer will be re­placed.

“If we start right from scratch its usu­ally made up of two 50-mil­lime­tre lay­ers,” he said. “We put down what we call a bot­tom lift or a bot­tom layer, and wait some time for things to set­tle out. Then we put a sec­ond 50-mil­lime­tre layer on, what we call the lev­el­ling course, and once we put that top layer on it’s a lot more sta­ble and we’re usu­ally good for 25 to 30 years or more with that.”

Ac­cord­ing to Minken this re­vised ap­proach with the new 50 mil­lime­tres top layer will ex­tend the life of a road with 15 to 20 years.

“Ex­cept we won’t have done the park­ing lanes,” he said. “So they’ll con­tinue to de­te­ri­o­rate, but there’s a lot less traf­fic go­ing on in those park­ing lanes. So they should stand up well.”

The use of the re­vised ap­proach will have a cost sav­ing, which he es­ti­mated will be at least 40 per cent com­pared to the stan­dard ap­proach.

Coun­cil ap­proves per­mit ap­pli­ca­tion for day­care cen­tre:

Coun­cil ap­proved an ap­pli­ca­tion for a day­care cen­tre at a down­town lo­ca­tion dur­ing the June 15 reg­u­lar coun­cil meet­ing.

Nat­u­ral Won­ders Early Learn­ing Cen­tre sub­mit­ted the de­vel­op­ment per­mit ap­pli­ca­tion to es­tab­lish a day­care cen­tre at 406 Chea­dle Street West at the cor­ner of 4th Av­enue NW, which is within the cen­tral down­town dis­trict.

A day­care cen­tre is a dis­cre­tionary use within this area and for­mal ap­proval from coun­cil was there­fore re­quired.

City Gen­eral Man­ager of Plan­ning and De­vel­op­ment Marty Sal­berg said the re­view of the ap­pli­ca­tion by City staff was com­pleted and he rec­om­mended the ap­proval of the ap­pli­ca­tion by coun­cil.

“Any pro­posed dis­cre­tionary use re­quires coun­cil to con­sider whether the pro­posed use con­forms to the zon­ing by­law’s site reg­u­la­tions and de­vel­op­ment stan­dards, will not be a source of nui­sance or en­dan­ger the pub­lic, and will not im­pede the or­derly de­vel­op­ment of the sur­round­ing prop­erty,” he noted. “Ad­di­tional pro­ce­dures for pub­lic con­sul­ta­tion are also re­quired to as­sist coun­cil in mak­ing their de­ci­sion.”

All as­sessed prop­erty own­ers within a 75-me­tre ra­dius of the pro­posed day­care re­ceived pub­lic no­tices about the ap­pli­ca­tion, the no­tice was posted on the City web­site, and it was also ad­ver­tised in a lo­cal news­pa­per.

There was a pub­lic hear­ing for this ap­pli­ca­tion at a pre­vi­ous coun­cil meet­ing, but no pre­sen­ta­tions were made. The City Clerk re­ceived one writ­ten sub­mis­sion in sup­port of the pro­posed day­care.

A sec­tion of dam­aged road sur­face along North Ser­vice Road West in Swift Cur­rent, June 18.

Pho­tos by Matthew Lieben­berg/Prairie Post

Pho­tos by Matthew Lieben­berg/Prairie Post

Swift Cur­rent coun­cil­lors vote on a mo­tion dur­ing a reg­u­lar coun­cil meet­ing via video con­fer­ence, June 15.

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