Prairie Post (East Edition)

EMS receives funding for 100 paramedic positions

- Alberta Health Services

New funding to help stabilize staffing as high EMS call volume continues Alberta Health Services (AHS) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has received budget approval for temporary funding to help stabilize EMS staffing over the coming months, as part of a plan to manage continued high EMS call volumes.

“This funding will help stabilize EMS staffing levels and ensure that we are able to respond to Albertans and also take care of our staff,” says Dr. Verna

Yiu, AHS President and CEO.

In total, 100 positions will be funded by AHS at a cost of approximat­ely $8.3 million. EMS will transition 70 casual positions to temporary fulltime positions. EMS has also received additional funding to continue with approximat­ely 30 full time positions in Calgary and Edmonton that had been hired temporaril­y in 2019. A Workforce Planning Task Force, including representa­tives from all Zones, has been establishe­d to ensure the filling of all positions is completed quickly.

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