Prairie Post (East Edition)

County of Newell gets funding for water distributi­on lines


Alberta’s government is investing over $15 million to support water distributi­on lines in the Brooks-Medicine Hat region.

This money will go towards completing various municipal projects through the municipal sustainabi­lity initiative. This is a provincial funding stream that provides grants to municipali­ties to help build and revitalize local public infrastruc­ture.

$15,150,000 will go towards the County of Newell to construct regional water distributi­on lines.

“I am pleased to announce that over $15 million of grant funding has been allocated to the County of Newell. This funding will have a great impact on our community as the completion of water distributi­on lines will make accessing water easier and more efficient in rural areas,” explained Michaela Frey,MLA for BrooksMedi­cine Hat in a statement.

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