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Farm product prices, November 2021

- Courtesy StatsCanad­a

Prices received by farmers in November for grains, oilseeds, specialty crops, cattle, hogs, poultry, eggs and dairy products are now available at the provincial level explains Statistics Canada.

Lentil and dry pea prices trended upwards in November following a month of mixed movements in October 2021.

Similarly, canola and flaxseed prices continued to strengthen in November. In the Prairie provinces, prices for wheat excluding durum increased in November compared with October, ranging from 7.4% in Alberta to 8.7% in Saskatchew­an.

The upward price trends were largely due to tightening crop supplies and a generally good quality crop.

Weakening export demand continued to pressure slaughter hog prices across all provinces.

This was the third consecutiv­e monthly decline in slaughter hog prices, ranging from the largest decline in Prince Edward Island (-14.5%) to Manitoba (-8.8%).

The prices of over 35 commoditie­s are available by province, with some data series going back 40 years. Price data are extracted from administra­tive files and derived from Statistics Canada surveys.

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