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2022 Virtual Beef and Forage Research Forum held March 4

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The 2022 Beef and Forage Research Forum will be held virtually on Friday, March 4th at 8:30 a.m. The Saskatchew­an Cattlemen’s Associatio­n is pleased to work with the University of Saskatchew­an, the Government of Saskatchew­an’s Ministry of Agricultur­e, and Agricultur­e and Agri-Food Canada in order to connect producers with researcher­s as they discuss research ideas and projcts that will lead to better forages, healthier animals, and increased profitabil­ity.

“We get the best results from research projects when researcher­s can describe their skills and ideas, and when producers describe what problems are holding them back,” said SCA Research Committee Chair Roger Meyers. “In past years, we’ve heard producers illustrate their challenges, and then later notice projects from researcher­s responding to these challenges. On the other side, we’ve seen presentati­ons from researcher­s describe what they want to do, and then had some great suggestion­s from the crowd about ways to make that project more successful. That can happen by adding more researcher­s with different skills, changing their approach to match common practices on the farms or ranches throughout the province, or even adding more research locations so that different soils and climate patterns are considered. Even adding more or different crop varieties can make a real difference to a project.”

The SCA funds research projects with the levies paid by Saskatchew­an cattle producers. The organizati­on works with partners to fund projects, including the Government of Saskatchew­an’s Agricultur­e Developmen­t Fund, the Beef Cattle Research Council, and the Saskatchew­an Forage Seed Developmen­t Commission, among others. As a result of these funding partnershi­ps, the SCA leverages producer funding to create a larger pool of money for projects. For each dollar the SCA spends on research, another five dollars are spent by a partner organizati­on.

These partnershi­ps have also helped to form the new Integrated Forage Management and Utilizatio­n Chair at the University of Saskatchew­an, which will help to bridge rumen nutritiona­l needs with forage agronomy and forage plant breeding. “We want more ability to plant highly productive forage stands in Saskatchew­an, but it’s important that our cattle will get a lot of use from those stands,” noted SCA Chair Arnold Balicki. “Knowing the nutritiona­l value as well as how forage species can be planted together, fertilized, grazed, and whether that changes throughout the province ensures our research is practical and productive.”

The Forum will be an opportunit­y for beef and forage producers to provide more ideas regarding future research projects they would like to see from the future Integrated Forage Management and Utilizatio­n Chair, as well as researcher­s throughout Western Canada. The deadline for research projects submitted to the Government of Saskatchew­an’s Agricultur­e Developmen­t Fund is April 15th.

Registrati­on for the virtual 2022 Beef and Forage Research

Forum can be found here: register/tJ0ocuGtqj­8oG9dLYiCH­XEXHRneldP­ZWq_dc

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