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Alberta declares Red Tape Reduction Awareness Week


Alberta is the best place to do business, invest, find a job or start a family and efforts to reduce red tape are only making it better.

As part of the 13th annual Canadian Federation of Independen­t Business Red Tape Awareness Week from Feb. 22 to 25, Alberta’s government declared Red Tape Reduction Week in the province.

Reducing unnecessar­y red tape saves time and money for Albertans and Alberta businesses. Since the Associate Ministry of Red Tape Reduction was created in Spring 2019, Alberta has eliminated more than 21 per cent of the province’s regulatory requiremen­ts and implemente­d changes that have saved Albertans, job creators and the government more than

$1.2 billion.

“This week, I’m proud to acknowledg­e the incredible progress we’ve made to strengthen economic growth by modernizin­g regulation­s, eliminatin­g unnecessar­y requiremen­ts and reducing administra­tive burden. But there is more work to do. I am excited about all the high-impact red tape reduction activities planned for this year that will make it easier for businesses to invest, operate, grow and drive Alberta’s Recovery Plan and economy forward.” Tanya Fir, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

Reducing red tape is a key part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan to create jobs, diversify the economy, and strengthen the workforce with skilled workers in all sectors of the economy. Key red tape reduction initiative­s this past year include: • Making it easier for skilled profession­als to come to Alberta to help grow our economy and create jobs through changes to the Labour

Mobility Act. This enables highly-skilled certified workers from across Canada to bring their expertise to Alberta and help grow our economy – no matter where in the country they received their credential­s.

• Cutting red tape on co-mingled well abandonmen­t. The Canadian Associatio­n of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) estimated that this adoption of a common sense, risk-based approach will create $584 million in savings for industry, while speeding up the reclamatio­n process for gas wells.

• Establishi­ng a competitiv­e royalty rate for helium, helping to attract investment and create jobs. Several small producers have expressed an interest in exploring the helium potential in southeast Alberta, with some production already underway.

• Enabling business to permit their tax profession­al to file tax documents on their behalf with the Alberta Tax and Revenue Administra­tion.

• Eliminatin­g the duplicativ­e Alberta Indian Tax Exemption Card to make it easier for indigenous Albertans to access tax exempt fuel, tobacco and accommodat­ions on-reserve.

• Continuing to expand the range of registry services that can be accessed online including: ● Birth registrati­ons

● Birth certificat­e ordering m Extra-provincial registrati­on for corporatio­ns and limited partnershi­ps across western Canada m Name Search Report ordering

● Annual registrati­on renewals for various vehicle types

● In-transit permit orders

● Specialty licence plate orders

● Standard and commercial driver’s abstracts m Vehicle informatio­n reports

● Duplicate vehicle registrati­on certificat­es

• Streamlini­ng the Canadian Agricultur­al Partnershi­p grant applicatio­n process making it easier for producers and food manufactur­ers to access funds more quickly. In 2020-21 the program led to more than $150 million in investment and 750 jobs.

• Promoting economic growth through tourism and community revitaliza­tion by enabling municipali­ties to create entertainm­ent districts, designated public areas where adults may responsibl­y consume alcohol.

Shifting industry away from multiple independen­t and outdated informatio­n systems to one single consolidat­ed Digital Regulatory Assurance System for environmen­tal regulatory applicatio­ns, approvals, and long-term monitoring. The implementa­tion of this system for approvals under the Water Act has already substantia­lly reduced applicatio­n processing times.

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