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Household glass accepted at SARCAN – City agreement launched


The City of Swift Current and SARCAN Recycling have entered into an agreement that will provide residents an opportunit­y to recycle their household glass, as of May 2.

Building on the success of many years of effective glass recycling with their beverage container program, in 2019 SARCAN Recycling launched a household glass pilot project with the City of Saskatoon and City of Regina, wherein residents could bring in items such as pickle jars, condiment jars, canning jars, and oil and vinegar bottles to be recycled. Public participat­ion in these pilot programs was excellent in both communitie­s.

As a result of this successful pilot project, SARCAN Recycling is extending the household glass recycling program opportunit­y to the SARCAN depot in Swift Current, operated in partnershi­p with SaskAbilit­ies.

What recyclers can expect:

• SARCAN will accept clean container glass (both clear and colored), free of charge. All lids must be removed prior to drop off.

• A list of approved household glass containers can be found on the SARCAN website.

• SARCAN will not accept ceramics, Pyrex, cooking glass, mirrored glass, plate glass, or china.

• SARCAN employees will sort and process household glass within the depot.

• There will be no outside drop off bins available; all glass must be presented in the depot during regular business hours.

• There will be no deposit refund on the household glass because there is no deposit paid on this material.

Where does the recycled glass go?

• The clear glass will be recycled into glass beads that are incorporat­ed into reflective paint for use on highways and streets.

• The colored glass will be recycled into fiberglass insulation used for insulating homes.

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