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Ukraine humanitari­an crisis appeal

- Editor:

I was devastated to hear that the war in Ukraine broke out with Russian aggression. I remember my mom telling me stories when she was growing up that took place in a civil war between the Poles and Russians. They were shooting in her home that caused her permanent deafness. Her parents were captured and shot in cold blood for no apparent reason.

Mom was forced to leave Austria during WWI and travelled on a ship to Montreal, Canada, and by train to Canora, Saskatchew­an to live with her aunt, the Roll family. Her language was from the Lemka people, an offshoot from Ukraine.

I have had permission from the Canadian Red Cross to promote my 12 poems on YouTube to allow people to donate towards the Ukraine Humanitari­an Crisis Appeal fundraiser. Select UTUBE Canada Login and Library, click on ‚ÄúWhisperi­ngNorth480­p‚Äù and click on the green background video. After you listen to the poems for 12 minutes click on the link and make your donation.

Hoping everybody who reads this letter will donate wholeheart­edly.

Thank you.

Paul Jones


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