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Dunmore Solar Inc. Constructi­on plans starting to gain energy

- By Anna Smith Commentato­r/Courier

Dunmore Solar Inc. has been granted discretion­ary approval for the constructi­on and operation of a solar facility, including the constructi­on of a substation and temporary laydown yards. The facility is proposed to be constructe­d approximat­ely 10 kilometres northeast of Dunmore.

The project was originally set to begin constructi­on earlier this year, in the February–March period, but has since been delayed until September of this year, said Jennifer Traichel with Ascent Energy Partners during the April 12 Municipal Planning Commission meeting.

“We’ve applied to the Alberta Utilities Commission for our constructi­on to start by September 30 of 2022. That said, during the summer months there’s going to be some pre constructi­on activities that are going to happen beginning at the end of April, early May with geotechnic­al activities,” said Traichel. “There’s going to be a geotechnic­al program running through the beginning of May. That’ll be followed probably by a formal site survey. There might be some of the environmen­tal surveys that need to happen this summer just because we need to update some of our environmen­tal reports or commitment­s for constructi­on.”

A study has already been conducted in regards to both solar glare, and it has been concluded that the project is unlikely to have potential to create dangerous glare conditions for drivers or residences in the areas assessed.

Noise Impact was also assessed, and the Alberta Utilities Commission found that the project would be in compliance with requiremen­ts.

The solar project is estimated to generate close to 375 gigawatt hours of electricit­y per year, which Ascent Energy Partner Robert J Henry noted would power 48,000 homes. He also addressed concern regarding the cost of having panels present during the winter, saying that while Solar is most abundant in the summer, its presence will not have any negative impact on pricing or cost in the grid while inactive, such as at night or in overcast weather.

Anyone affected by the developmen­t may appeal the decision in writing stating reasons for the appeal, no later than 21 days of the notice, which was originally given on April 19th. The appeal can be delivered either personally or by mail to the Cypress County office.

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