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New leadership elected at CCA AGM and priorities for the year establishe­d

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At the 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Canadian Cattlemen’s Associatio­n (CCA) Board Members elected its new leadership team and through productive discussion­s, set the organizati­on’s course for next year. Reg Schellenbe­rg and Nathan Phinney were elected President and Vice President, respective­ly for 2022-23.

Schellenbe­rg takes the reins from Bob Lowe, who will stay on the CCA Board as Past President and Chair of the Public and Stakeholde­r Engagement program for the next two years.

“The last two years have been very challengin­g for Canadian beef producers,” said Reg Schellenbe­rg, CCA President. “We are very appreciati­ve of Bob Lowe’s leadership as our industry navigated through COVID-19, extreme drought, and wildfires. Thank you, Bob!”

Schellenbe­rg’s priorities for his term as CCA President are rooted in his passion to leave a vibrant industry for the next generation. He is focused on advocating for the creation of a Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine bank, enhancing the current suite of business risk management programs to help reduce risk to Canadian cattle producers – especially young producers, increasing market access for Canadian beef in world markets, and maintainin­g traceabili­ty programs for the containmen­t and eradicatio­n of animal disease.

“As I move into the role of CCA President, I will follow the most important advice that was shared with me when I was elected to represent Saskatchew­an on the CCA Board – remember your roots and the people you represent,” continued Schellenbe­rg. “I am committed to working with Nathan and the CCA board members to do exactly what is needed to protect and preserve our beef industry for the next generation.”

Over the course of the AGM, the key priorities discussed included the importance of establishi­ng a national FMD vaccine bank, making further enhancemen­ts to business risk management programs, continuing to tell our sustainabi­lity story to Canadians and policymake­rs, the importance of increasing Government core funding for research, and enhancing internatio­nal trade market access through new free trade agreements, while removing technical barriers in current agreements.

CCA also welcomed Doug Roxburg (AB), Melissa Downing (AB), Brad Ozadczuk (AB), Philip Lynn (SK), and Jason LeBlond (ON) as newly elected Board Members on March 25, 2022.

The CCA Board wishes to thank the following retiring Board Members for their time and contributi­on to the organizati­on and the Canada’s beef industry: David Haywood-Farmer (BC), Charlie Christie (AB), Doug Sawyer (AB), Kelly Smith-Fraser (AB), Pat Hayes (SK), and Rob Lipsett (ON).

Reg Schellenbe­rg, CCA President

Reg Schellenbe­rg was elected by acclamatio­n as President of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Associatio­n (CCA) on March 25, 2022, at the CCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Ottawa, ON. Schellenbe­rg takes on the role of President after he served as CCA’s Vice President, and director, zone chairman, and member of the executive of the Saskatchew­an Stock Growers Associatio­n (SSGA). Schellenbe­rg was elected to represent Saskatchew­an on the CCA Board at the Saskatchew­an Cattlemen’s Associatio­n (SCA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2010.

First elected as a director to the CCA in 2010, Schellenbe­rg served as co-chair of the Foreign Trade Committee from 2020 to 2022, and co-chaired the Animal Health and Care Committee with Pat Hayes from 2016 to 2020. He also represents CCA on the Canadian Cattle Identifica­tion Agency (CCIA). Schellenbe­rg has been a dedicated advocate for animal health and care since first getting involved with the CCA. Prior to the creation of the Animal Health and Care Committee, Schellenbe­rg chaired the Animal Care Committee.

Schellenbe­rg ranches with his wife Shannon, his son Coy and his daughter-in-law Lauralie in Beechy, Saskatchew­an. Coy and Lauralie represent the fourth generation in the family partnershi­p. He believes strongly in investing in the future as generation­al transfer is critical.

Schellenbe­rg feels that ranchers play an important role in public trust and showing what raising cattle is really like on ranches and farms in Canada. He also feels it’s important to raise awareness of the stewardshi­p and conservati­on efforts undertaken in sustainabl­e beef production.

Schellenbe­rg and his wife Shannon have two sons, a daughter and nine grandchild­ren. He looks forward to representi­ng the interest of ranchers and farmers across the country.

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