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Alberta Firearms Advisory Committee comes back with recommenda­tions


The Alberta government has accepted the recommenda­tions of the Alberta Firearms Advisory Committee and is using them to further protect the rights of law-abiding firearms owners.

The accepted recommenda­tions include focusing on advocating for evidence-based firearms policies, using education initiative­s to improve public safety and security, and collaborat­ing with Alberta’s law-abiding firearms community to better serve its needs. The recommenda­tions are already being used to guide the work of Alberta’s firstever chief firearms office.

The committee crafted the report and recommenda­tions after engaging Albertans on firearms and firearm policy through telephone town hall sessions and an online survey.

“After extensive consultati­ons with Alberta firearm owners and many hours of committee work, I am elated to see this report released. This report, and the recommenda­tions that underpin it, will allow Alberta to push back against the federal government’s repeated intrusions into provincial jurisdicti­on,” explained Michaela Frey, MLA for Brooks-Medicine Hat and chair, Alberta Firearms Advisory Committee. Alberta’s chief firearms officer

“As Alberta’s first provincial­ly appointed chief firearms officer, I am meeting with the firearms community about how my office can help improve public safety while protecting individual property rights. Learning more about our unique firearm culture in Alberta is informing the work we are taking on, and I look forward to continuing to engage with these passionate and lawabiding Albertans,” said Teri Bryant, chief firearms officer.

Albertans are already seeing benefits of the office since it was brought under provincial control last year. Office staff have processed and issued thousands of licences, authorizat­ions and applicatio­ns, and conducted more than 800 public safety concern investigat­ions. The office inherited a backlog of thousands of firearms applicatio­ns and other tasks, and work continues with federal firearms representa­tives to try to make progress and improvemen­ts.

Alberta’s chief firearms officer will continue to visit sport shooting facilities, clubs and retailers across the province in the coming months to make sure Albertans have a voice in the direction of her office.

Quick facts

As part of meeting with Albertans, the province’s chief firearms officer is planning to attend these events:

April 23-24: Consort Gun & Hobby Show at the Consort Sportsplex

April 30-May 1: Red Deer Gun Show & Sale at Westerner Park

May 14-15: High Prairie Gun & Sportsman Show at High Prairie Sports Palace

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