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CF Industries spent US$21 million in Medicine Hat region last year


CF Industries spent about US$21 million with suppliers in the Medicine Hat region in 2021, not including wages or contracts for natural gas, the company detailed in its recently produced “sustainabi­lity report.”

The document, presented March 30 to investors, details the company’s performanc­e in a number of environmen­tal and social areas, including local spending near its 10 major facilities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

It states that of US$ 53.8 million in contracts related to the Medicine Hat nitrogen facility, 39 per cent of the value was connected to companies operating within an 81-kilometre (50 mile) radius of the plant site.

In total, the company spent US$1.28 billion in similar contracts last year, about one-third alone at its expansion in Donaldsonv­ille, La. Of the total, 51 per cent was considered “local.”

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