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APAS has been busy for the month of April, fertilizer prices high on the agenda

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The following is a list of APAS activities over the course of April.

APAS released NPF recommenda­tions: The APAS NPF Task Force’s final recommenda­tions were recently approved by the APAS Board of Directors and have been sent to Federal Agricultur­e Minister Marie Bibeau and Sask. Agricultur­e Minister Doug Marit. APAS created the NPF Task Force in October 2021 to provide Saskatchew­anfocused feedback into the federal and provincial government­s’ consultati­on to determine what will be in their next 5-year framework agreement. Visit to read our NPF Task Force’s submission.

Farm groups exploring high fertilizer prices: APAS met with Kody Blois (Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agricultur­e and Agri-Food) to discuss a variety of issues, including high fertilizer prices. Since that meeting, APAS and other farm groups have been encouragin­g the government to look more closely at the factors influencin­g current prices, but also explore options to reduce prices in the future.

APAS Oil and Gas Subcommitt­ee meeting on surface rights: The Ministry of Energy and Resources recently started a consultati­on on proposed amendments to two provincial Acts involving surface rights. The APAS Oil and Gas Subcommitt­ee met on April 26 to discuss these proposed amendments, and also discussed other issues that should be fixed in future amendments. Details of the proposed amendments can be found on the government’s website at and the deadline for written feedback is May 6, 2022 – APAS will be making a submission into this consultati­on.

Rural connectivi­ty meeting between APAS and MLAs: On April 22, APAS met with provincial government MLAs to provide an update on the work of the APAS Rural Connectivi­ty Task Force and highlight some of the recommenda­tions from the Task Force’s final report that are directed towards the provincial government. APAS looks forward to more conversati­ons with the province about how to keep improving connectivi­ty in rural Saskatchew­an. Over the past year, APAS has done a lot of advocacy to get the recommenda­tions in the report implemente­d. A recently created a one-year update document can be found at https://bit. ly/3D2TuRa.

APAS Livestock Committee meeting: APAS staff and Directors have been getting a lot of calls about the snow situation in southeast Saskatchew­an, as well as the lack of feed throughout the province. The APAS Livestock Committee is meeting soon to discuss both items. Those with feedback on either of these issues, please send your comments to

YLMP applicatio­ns starting soon: APAS will soon start accepting applicatio­ns for our next Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program (YLMP). The YLMP helps young Saskatchew­an producers (ages 18-40) become industry leaders by providing opportunit­ies for learning, mentorship, and networking in the areas of agricultur­al policy and advocacy. APAS plans to start accepting applicatio­ns soon, so watch for more details if you know of any young producers that would benefit from this positive experience.

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