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City unveils new strategic plan – “In Good Hands”

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The City of Swift Current Council and Administra­tion have put forward a new five-year strategic plan.

The strategic priorities were developed based on consultati­on with focus groups, community engagement surveys, internal workshops, and planning sessions.

Advancing the community with enhanced quality of life, strengthen­ing the City’s economic position, enhancing operations and services, and improving the municipal organizati­on are just some of the goals outlined in the plan.

“The Strategic Plan is all about putting trust in one another,” explains Mayor Al Bridal. “We didn’t build this alone; we asked for as much feedback as we could gather from our community and our administra­tion. The theme conveys our commitment to the public that they’re In Good Hands, and we are too, because we’ve co-created these strategies with the people we serve.”

City of Swift Current Chief Administra­tive Officer, Tim Marcus, explains further, “We are excited to implement the City’s new Strategic Plan into everyday business, at every level of our operations. Our core values are represente­d in the strategic goals, so it’s easy to see who we are, what we’re trying to accomplish, and where we’re going – the plan is like a map reminding us how to get there. As we integrate the plan into all aspects of our service to the public, we will communicat­e our progress.”

The Five-Year plan “In Good Hands” can be viewed in full on the City of Swift Current website at swiftcurre­nt. ca/stratplan, and through the City’s social media accounts. Print materials are also available at City Hall.

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