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Village of Foremost trying to come up with money to fix pool

- By Anna Smith Commentato­r/Courier

Foremost Pool has seen the community through countless summers, but it needs help if it's going to see any more.

“The liner has been deteriorat­ing the last few years and toward the end of this season, it came to the point of non-functionin­g,” said Marilynn Hirsche, CAO of the Village of Foremost.

She added that the staff managed to keep the pool operationa­l this season, but this isn't viable for future seasons.

“Our Public Works staff put in a lot of extra hours in at the pool this season, monitoring and adjusting chemicals to keep things operating properly,” said Hirsche.

“In order to replace the liner, we will need to bring all functionin­g parts of the pool to be brought to code as well, this will be an in-depth process involving cutting open the cement and rubber on the deck around the pool and replacing other working parts,” said Hirsche.

Some of these parts include skimmers, main drains, and piping, then replacing concrete and rubber decking. Altogether, it is estimated that the repairs and upgrades will cost roughly $200,000, and all of these repairs need to be fixed in order for the pool to be future operation.

Some funds have already been secured, but not enough to cover the cost, said Hirsche.

“This will be grant money, some is in place, and some has not been decided on yet,” said Hirsche. “Any financial contributi­ons to the project would be of great assistance in bringing this project to fruition.”

So far, no contributi­ons from the community have been forthcomin­g, but the Village is hopeful that they will see support in the future.

“We have been trying for over a year to access funding to make these repairs/upgrades, but have not been successful in grant approval. This is very important to the Village and we will make every effort to keep this facility operationa­l,” said Hirsche. “The pool is very popular and the swimming lessons are always booked up because it is important for people to have the kids learn to swim. To close this facility would be a huge loss to the community.”

 ?? File photo ?? The pool will need repairs before the 2023 season begins.
File photo The pool will need repairs before the 2023 season begins.

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