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The Lyric Theatre’s Write Out Loud Stage welcomes Lisa Bird-Wilson

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Lisa Bird-Wilson is a Saskatchew­an Métis and nêhiyaw writer whose work appears in literary magazines and anthologie­s across Canada. Her new novel, Probably Ruby (Doubleday 2021) is a work of incredible depth and breadth. It is, on the surface, the story of a Cree/Métis baby placed into the foster care system, her ensuing trauma, and her lifelong pursuit of identity and cultural reconnecti­on. More importantl­y, it’s a treatise on the foster care system itself. It’s a novel that challenges readers to make connection­s between the world that Bird-Wilson has created in the book and the country that we live in today. She reveals this world to us through the eyes of those who’ve experience­d foster care, defining their struggles and resilienci­es.

Her book of short stories, Just Pretending (Coteau Books 2013), won four Saskatchew­an Book Awards, including 2014 Book of the Year.

Her poetry collection, The Red Files (Nightwood Editions 2016), reflects on the legacy of the residentia­l school system as it resulted in the fragmentat­ion of first nations and metis families and histories.

Ms. Bird-Wilson wrote a history that chronicles the Gabriel Dumont Institute’s growth from the early activism of the ’70s to the celebratio­n of the Institute’s 30th anniversar­y in 2010. She currently serves as its Executive Director.

Write Out Loud welcomes Lisa Bird-Wilson to the Swift Current Lyric Theatre Stage at 7:00 p.m., October 19, 2022. As a prelude to her presentati­on, local musician Aradyn Norman of Swift Current will perform. Write Out Loud appreciate­s financial support from the Saskatchew­an Writers’ Guild for Ms. Bird-Wilson’s presentati­on.

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