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Awards recognize heritage preservati­on efforts from across Alberta



Albertans were honoured for their work preserving and promoting the province’s heritage at the 2022 Heritage Awards.

The biennial awards honour the contributi­ons of individual­s, organizati­ons, businesses, Indigenous communitie­s and municipali­ties actively engaged in heritage preservati­on and appreciati­on in the following categories: Outstandin­g Achievemen­t, Heritage Conservati­on and Heritage Awareness.

The recipients of this year’s awards follow.

Outstandin­g Achievemen­t

• Richard de Boer, Calgary

• Belinda Crowson, Lethbridge

• Noreen Easterbroo­k, Smoky Lake

• Tofield Historical Society, Tofield

• Alberta Genealogic­al Society’s Provincial Archives of Alberta Volunteers

• Bodo Archaeolog­ical Society

Heritage Conservati­on

• The City of Calgary for the rehabilita­tion of its historic city hall • Sandra Hajash for the restoratio­n of the Duke of Sutherland Bungalow exterior

Heritage Awareness

• Powwow! Ohcîwin the Origins by Patrick and Marrisa Mitsuing and the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery

• Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3 Historical Research by Matt Hiltermann

• Abandoned Alberta by Joe Chowaniec

The awards program is an integral part of the Government of Alberta’s commitment to support heritage preservati­on efforts in communitie­s throughout Alberta.

A total of 81 awards have been presented to recipients from across the province since the program was reintroduc­ed in 2005.

Awards recipients

The outstandin­g efforts of Alberta’s ‘heritage heroes’ and the work of local organizati­ons to preserve the province’s rich history were recognized on October 3.

2022 award recipients

Heritage Conservati­on Awards

Heritage Awareness Awards

Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3 Historical Research by Matt Hiltermann

Matt Hiltermann is a Métis Interprete­r, artisan and ethonohist­orian and currently works as the Public Historian for Region 3 of the Métis Nation of Alberta. Over the past two years, he has contribute­d four extensivel­y researched, well-written and engaging articles for the RETROActiv­e blog maintained by the department.

The blog is a source of Alberta-specific heritage informatio­n and stories.

Mr. Hiltermann’s posts have been some of the most popular blog post of the year and have greatly contribute­d to the understand­ing and interpreta­tion of Métis heritage in Alberta. His involvemen­t in publishing articles also helped strengthen the relationsh­ip between Alberta Culture and the Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3.

Outstandin­g Achievemen­t Awards

Bodo Archaeolog­ical Society

Formed in 2003, the Bodo Archaeolog­ical Society has been championin­g Alberta’s history through archaeolog­y.

The society is one of the six centres of the Archaeolog­ical Society of Alberta and consists of local community members from the small communitie­s of Bodo and Provost.

For nearly 20 years, the society has been fulfilling its mission of promoting public archaeolog­y, education and the conservati­on of historical and archaeolog­ical resources at the Bodo archaeolog­ical sites. The society is best known for delivering extensive public archaeolog­y and educationa­l programs.

Alberta Genealogic­al Society Volunteers of the Provincial Archives of Alberta

Since 1989, members of the Alberta Genealogic­al Society (AGS) has been providing ongoing volunteer services to the Provincial Archives of Alberta. The group has evolved over 33 years with people moving, retiring or passing away.

This current group of 11 long-time and committed AGS members help to preserve and make accessible materials of interest to those researchin­g family histories.

Their thousands of hours of meticulous indexing and rehousing of archival documents have significan­tly increased access to historical informatio­n on Alberta families.

Belinda Crowson of Lethbridge

Ms. Crowson has been involved with heritage in Alberta for over 22 years. Her long list of accomplish­ments clearly demonstrat­e exemplary long-term leadership in the preservati­on and promotion of the history of southern Alberta.

Notable achievemen­ts include her involvemen­t with the Galt Museum’s education program, her volunteer efforts relating to the Lethbridge Historical Society, her books about Lethbridge history, and her strong advocacy for the value of local history.

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