Prairie Post (East Edition)

Poilievre is not the answer

- Editor: Alan K. Spiller, Edmonton

After spending 32 years with the Royal Bank and working in 16 branches through out the province, many of which were in rural Alberta, we enjoyed living in the farm communitie­s and had nothing but respect for the people living there. I find it very disturbing to see how our friends in southern Alberta have allowed themselves to be tricked into believing that reformer Pierre Poilievre is the answer.

We know what these fake conservati­ves have done to this province starting with Ralph Klein.

Those of us from the world of finance estimate that these reformers, pretending they are conservati­ves, by helping their rich friends steal our oil and tax wealth have cost

Albertans around $800 billion in lost revenues when you compare it to what Peter Lougheed was collecting for us, and what Alaska and Norway are doing. This doesn’t include the $260 billion that the Orphan Well clean up mess could cost us. I was involved with the Orphan Well mess for eight years when a client was cleaning up these wells for imperial oil in the Devon area.

At that time, because of regulation­s set out by Lougheed, the oil industry was required to pay for this clean up, yet that changed under Klein when regulation­s were changed to benefit his rich friends and they dumped the costs onto the backs of the citizens. Now seniors in rural Alberta are unable to sell their land and enjoy their retirement years, like we are doing.

My big question is why are you supporting reformers, who are nothing like the conservati­ves under Lougheed and Getty that we proudly supported? Especially when they are hellbent on destroying our public health care and education systems?

Have you forgotten that reformer Stephen Harper wanted to force us into a privatized health care system by slashing $36 billion off the province’s healthcare funding and it got him defeated by Trudeau? As much as my conservati­ve friends and I aren’t fans of Trudeau, we trust him a lot more than Poilievre, who is a reformer through and through. We aren’t going to bash Trudeau, like these reformers do, for being our hero and providing Albertans with an additional $30 billion to save us during the pandemic and latest oil industry crash, so why are you?

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