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Alberta health care profession­als call on new UCP leader to keep health care public

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Albertans from across the province are taking part in HSAA's Day of Action. They are on their phones demanding the new UCP leader keep health care public in Alberta.

HSAA members are here for Albertans delivering vital public health care services every day. As health-care experts, we care about every patient we see, and we want to be there when they need us. Now the UCP is pushing more cuts and private health care, which always makes that job difficult.

“During Danielle Smith's victory speech, there was a specific threat to replace public health care providers with ‘others' to do the job,” pointed out HSAA President Mike Parker. “Let's be clear, ‘others' means private corporatio­ns, and the last thing Alberta needs is more failed and costly experiment­s with their health care.”

“We need to immediatel­y address critical staffing shortages across the health-care system so the profession­als we have can continue to care for us,” asserted Parker. “And we need to do this through a properly funded, publicly delivered system.”

“Privatizat­ion has never resulted in better patient care,” concluded Parker. “Privatizat­ion will only make the problems worse while providing care for those who can afford to pay.”

HSAA is 29,0000 health-care profession­als dedicated to protecting the public health system and the vulnerable Albertans who rely on it.

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