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Corteva Agriscienc­e to join the Grain Growers of Canada on the ‘Road to 2050’

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The Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) are embarking on the next step of their ‘Road to 2050’ climate initiative and announcing their collaborat­ion with Corteva Agriscienc­e.

“We are proud to support the Grain Growers of Canada on their ‘Road to 2050,’” says Bryce Eger, President of Corteva

Agriscienc­e Canada. “At Corteva, our purpose is to enrich the lives of those who produce and consume, ensuring progress for generation­s to come. We believe climate positive agricultur­e is the way forward, where collective actions and commitment­s create a stronger and more productive food system.”

This announceme­nt marks GGC’s first industry collaborat­ion for the ‘Road to 2050’, which recently awarded René Drolet Consulting Services a contract to lead the initiative.

“Corteva has displayed bold leadership in supporting farmers in their goal to improve on-farm sustainabi­lity,” says Andre Harpe, Chair of the Grain Growers of Canada. “With their focus on ensuring the resiliency of our global food production system, they will offer valuable insight and be a trusted partner throughout this process.”

Corteva employs the power of innovation to develop sustainabl­e seed and crop protection products for farmers. In June 2022, Corteva announced concentrat­ed efforts on issues that need to be addressed with urgency—specifical­ly, narrowing their focus on sustainabl­e innovation; biodiversi­ty; greenhouse gas emissions; and inclusion, diversity and equity.

“Farmers are the most important stewards of the land and our natural resources,” explains Eger. “Canadian farmers know that agricultur­e has the power to transform our planet’s environmen­tal, economic and social health so that we can continue to feed the world while supporting the very resources that make it all possible. Industry collaborat­ions like these are critical to ensuring the industry’s resiliency and success.”

The ‘Road to 2050’ will propose a path forward that identifies opportunit­ies for the sector to continue reducing its contributi­ons to GHG emissions. The roadmap will focus on innovation, research and beneficial management practices, representi­ng a practical and proactive approach to tackling climate change. In addition, the roadmap will issue recommenda­tions intended to guide government policies and programmin­g directed at Canada’s grains sector. The recommenda­tions will reflect farmers’ priorities, offering feasible and effective pathways to achieve net-zero emissions. Immediate next steps include forming an expert advisory committee and announcing additional ‘Road to 2050’ partners.

“Canadian farmers are already implementi­ng methods and tools that increase resiliency and sustainabi­lity into the global food supply,“adds Harpe. “We are ready to play a major part in Canada’s efforts to reduce GHG emissions. This partnershi­p is a testament to our shared commitment to developing more sustainabl­e outcomes for Canadian farmers. We look forward to working with Corteva.”

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