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Redcliff Legion struggling but the spirit helps group fight back

- By Anna Smith Commentato­r/Courier

The Redcliff Legion is a mere four years away from 100 years as a part of their community, but they'll need that community's help to make it any further.

The legion experience­d a theft by an employee, said BJ Brooks, Vice-President of the Redcliff Legion.

“Last count, we were just shy of $68,000 in the hole. So we're scrambling to stay open,” said Brooks. “We need as much support as possible, whether it's by cash donations or any form of items that we could have stopped raffling off to raise funds from the community or from the businesses.”

Further details on the theft cannot be provided, said Brooks, as it is presently in the hands of the RCMP, but as a result, the Legion is struggling.

It's not all bad, however, as they have made overtures to keep going and improve what they have on offer to hopefully bring people back through the doors.

“As of today, we have a new chef. We have a new facilities manager, and the chef we got from Redcliff golf course. So those of you who have this food, know how good it is,” said Brooks. “So we've raised the bar on that. At the moment, we are open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, which are all looking at being changed and revamped, the longer we can stay open. The more times we can have the doors open and get people in. We generate money and everything else.”

Presently, on Tuesdays they continue to offer their pool nights, and are looking into a potential wing night on Thursdays, said Brooks.

“As usual, Fish Friday. It's a big seller. We have fish flying out the door. Saturdays we have breakfast coming back from eight till 12. We have the meat draws in the early evening,” said Brooks. “We have about seven or eight draws included in a draw for the service dogs and therapy dogs.”

Presently, the Legion is also hoping to attract families and businesses looking to host events in their building.

“We can hold 175 to 200 people in that side room alone, we have the back restaurant area, which we can also utilize as well which can hold family events up to 80 to 100 people, and we can work a price for the rental of the room and the amenities we have on site like the kitchen, anything that you could dream of, to host an event,” said Brooks. “We can cater for it and we will help you and we will make it work. We will take all the pressure off you and you just tell us what you want to do. We will make it happen.”

With so many hopes for the future, Brooks is hopeful that the

Legion will be able to keep the building with the help of the people who have relied on it for years.

“We have a deck being built ready for next year for the good weather that has all been kindly donated and put together by members of the Legion,” said Brooks. “It would be such a shame if we have to pull up to the doors and sell the building.”

For upcoming events, the Legion does have their Veteran's dinner, as well as Remembranc­e Day, the latter's details are still to come.

“If you're not a veteran and you wish to attend this, it's $25 per person, if you are a veteran you and one other person can come for free,” said Brooks. “So if you know it's a good night, we're having prime rib, maybe ham as well. We have some VIPs coming. It's a good night.”

Above all, Brooks wants to stress that their doors are open for everyone.

“It's just good to be able to put out there, you don't have to be a veteran, we'd love to see people who aren't veterans coming in,” said Brooks. “Come in. See what's all about. We have such a goldmine. We just need to use it.”

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 ?? ?? Screenshot from Redcliff Legion website The Redcliff Legion has been a hit of Redcliff for many years.
Screenshot from Redcliff Legion website The Redcliff Legion has been a hit of Redcliff for many years.

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