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Liberals leading Canada off an economic cliff

- By Glen Motz, MP Glen Motz is the MP for Medicine HatCardsto­n-Warner

Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers released last week by Statistics Canada paint a dishearten­ing picture of what lies ahead for low and middle-class Canadians. Goods continue to rise at an alarming rate, while current and further planned Liberal tax increases are creating immense financial pressures.

In July, a consumer expectatio­n survey conducted by the Bank of Canada indicated that more Canadians were concerned about inflation than during the first quarter of 2022. It was noted that significan­t numbers of people did not fully understand how escalating inflation is a baseline for a future recession. Fast forward three-months however, with continued sky-rocketing cost for basics – foods, gas, home heating, housing - there is little doubt most Canadians now have a clear grasp of inflation and the foreseeabl­e fallout from the fast-approachin­g recession predicted by economic experts.

Ordinary people understand finances, especially when their bills exceed their income. They know serious trouble is brewing when the cost for a tank of gas is $20 more than it was only a few weeks ago or the forecast to heat their home this winter is predicted to double. The CPI figures were clear, average wage increases of 5.2 per cent can’t keep up with 6.9 per cent inflation or the 11.4 per cent surge for groceries. Sixty-six per cent of Canadians, right now, before cold weather even impacts heating costs, admit to serious money issues.

For years, Canada’s Conservati­ve Opposition has warned the Trudeau government that printing, borrowing and out of control spending only adds gasoline on the inflationa­ry fire. Spending is not a plan to stop inflation, as creating more only drives up prices.

To stop inflation, a Conservati­ve government would begin with capping spending with a Pay-As-You-Go Law requiring the government to find a dollar of savings for each new dollar of spending. We would axe the carbon tax and payroll tax hikes to strengthen paycheques and lower energy prices. Among other initiative­s, we would remove red tape and gatekeeper­s to allow businesses, farmers, and workers to produce more affordable energy, food and housing. Our strategy for creating what cash buys will make things more affordable. Canada’s economy must make more and cost less, with Canadian paycheques and not debt.

Interestin­gly, while the federal government ignores our Conservati­ve concepts of tax reduction to reduce inflation, 51 other national government­s are providing tax relief to its citizens, according to a Canadian Taxpayers Federation report. These include more than half of the G7 and G20 countries that our Prime Minister is always quick to say are in the same inflation crisis as Canada. Except these countries are actioning solutions, while Canada’s government continues to lead us off the economic cliff.

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