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4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund

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Through the Sponsorshi­p & Community Initiative­s program, Agricultur­e Financial Services Corporatio­n supports the next generation of agricultur­e and agri-food by investing in the developmen­t of life-long skills such as co-operation, leadership, interperso­nal relations, critical thinking, decision making, organizati­on, public speaking and community service.

In addition to providing a 4-H Alberta provincial scholarshi­p, and supporting 4-H Alberta provincial programs such as Senior Symposium, Uncover the Leader in You, and more, AFSC also contribute­s locally to 4-H Alberta through its 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund.

About the AFSC 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund AFSC cares about connecting with 4-H in the local community in ways that clubs find meaningful, which is why we have the 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund.

All sponsorshi­p requests related to 4-H clubs are directed to and allocated through this fund.

Applicatio­ns are reviewed and for each successful applicatio­n, AFSC provides up to $300 for 4-H Alberta clubs in Alberta, on a first-come, first-serve basis until all funds are allotted.

Applicatio­ns for the AFSC 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund are now being accepted.

Applicatio­n deadline is December 19, 2022.

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