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Record number of organ transplant­s performed last year

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Alberta’s organ donation and transplant­ation teams facilitate­d a record number of organ transplant­s last year, according to statistics released today by Alberta Health Services (AHS).

In 2022, 491 organ transplant­s were performed in Alberta, exceeding the previous record of 462 set in 2017. This overall record includes 107 liver transplant­s and 254 kidney transplant­s, both records. Alberta’s deceased donation rate of 21 donors per million population in 2022 was the highest ever in the province, and among the highest in Canada.

“Organ and tissue donation isn’t always top of mind for patients and families, or for healthcare teams. Everyone’s first priority is to save the lives of critically ill patients. However, when this is not possible, the opportunit­y to donate honours the wishes of some of our patients and is also important to their families,” says Dr. Andreas Kramer, critical care physician and organ donation specialist with AHS. “We have worked hard to ensure the option of donation is a routine part of end-of-life care. By raising awareness and having those conversati­ons about organ and tissue donation, we can empower families to consider the option.”

Dr. Kramer adds the engagement and support of front-line critical care and emergency profession­als has been a key factor in improving donation rates, as well as the implementa­tion of the Specialist in Endof-Life Care, Neuroprogn­ostication and Donation (SEND) program in 2021.

The SEND team consists of 22 intensive care physicians across Alberta, who dedicate part of their time to education and consultati­on with healthcare teams, to identify and care for potential organ donors.

“Organ and tissue transplant­s in Alberta are, unfortunat­ely, always in need,” says Jason Copping, Minister of Health. “Through increased awareness and education, our hope is that all Albertans discuss the option of organ and tissue donation with their loved ones. It’s an extraordin­ary gift that can save and improve lives for hundreds of people waiting for a transplant.”

Mandatory referral legislatio­n as part of Bill 205, implemente­d April 1, will further support the provincial donation and transplant­ation system, says RJ Sigurdson, MLA for Highwood, who introduced the bill, the Human Tissue and Organ Donation (Mandatory Referral) Amendment Act.

“It creates a more structured pathway for the organ donation process, and ensures specialist­s have adequate time to identify and assess potential organ donors and discuss the option with families,” Sigurdson says.

Tony Wong, a 54-year-old Edmonton resident, underwent a liver transplant this past August after eight months on the waiting list. Wong had a history of liver cancer and transplant was his only option.

“I had multiple recurrence­s of liver cancer over an eight-year period and, despite my best efforts to deal with the tumours, I’d run out of options,” says Wong. “Thanks to the gift of donation, my life was saved and I have been able to return to spending more time with the people I love and doing the things I enjoy.”

A single donor can save up to eight lives and improve the lives of 75 others, who could receive tissue from a donor. Living donation has become more common in recent years, and specialist­s hope the increased focus on education will mean more families consider all options of living and deceased donation.

More than 844,000 Albertans have legally registered to affirm their wishes to donate their organs and/or tissues on the province’s online organ and tissue donation registry since its launch in 2014.

Albertans can also document their desire to donate organs and/ or tissues at their local registry agent when they renew their driver’s license or other identifica­tion.

Alberta Health Services is the provincial health authority responsibl­e for planning and delivering health supports and services for more than four million adults and children living in Alberta. Our mission is to provide a patient-focused, quality health system that is accessible and sustainabl­e for all Albertans. Our current focus is on reducing emergency department wait-times, improving EMS response times, increasing access to surgeries, and improving patient flow.

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