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The GOLD Standard for bookkeepin­g helps livestock producers


Whether you use a computer software system or track herd records by hand, there are four record-keeping GOLD standards that can be determined for your cow-calf operation and compared to beef industry benchmarks for the same indicators. By comparing your data to benchmarks for industry averages, you can assess areas for improvemen­t.

“Growth” refers to growth of calves, which is measured as average weaning weights or sale weights. This is an important record to keep since growth is considered to be moderately heritable. It is influenced by both genetics and environmen­tal factors including nutrition, health, dam performanc­e and milking ability, and breeding decisions. The GOLD acronym stands for Growth of calves, number of Open cows, Length of calving season and calf Death loss.

“Open” represents tracking the number of cows that are not pregnant at the end of the breeding period. This number is used to calculate the percentage of open cows in the breeding herd. The industry benchmark for open cows is less than 7%. “Length” stands for duration of the calving period. The length of the calving period is another good measure of fertility within your herd. The ability to have more calves born in a shorter time period can produce a more uniform calf crop and can improve average weaning weight, as calves born earlier in the calving season will be heavier.

The industry benchmark for length of calving period is 63 days. “Death” refers to calf death loss. Keeping track of calf losses can help you identify where you might be having a herd health issue.

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