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Sanitary trunk funding for Vauxhall delivered by province

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The Town of Vauxhall was recently awarded a grant through the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnershi­p (AMWWP). The funding, delivered through Alberta Transporta­tion, will support up to $2,241,516.80 in essential upgrades to the core infrastruc­ture as part of the Sanitary Truck Main Replacemen­t.

Vauxhall has had a history of sanitary concerns which were inspected and discovered by MPE Engineerin­g with a report to Council back in 2005. The trunk main replacemen­t was one of the recommende­d solutions to the issues discovered in that study.

With constructi­on anticipate­d to begin in 2023-2024, the AMWWP grant will fund critical improvemen­ts to the sanitary system by replacing the sanitary trunk main from 7 Avenue North to the sanitary lagoons a total distance of 2.16 kilometres. The trunk main will be upsized which will alleviate surchargin­g and allow for population growth, offset capital costs associated with the project, create jobs, and boost the local economy.

The Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnershi­p provides cost-shared funding to eligible municipali­ties to help build municipal facilities for water supply and treatment, and wastewater treatment and disposal.

“The Town of Vauxhall is thrilled to receive the grant funding; this is an important maintenanc­e infrastruc­ture project for the Vauxhall residents,” said Mayor Ray Coad. Following heavy rains in 2010, that led to flooding in southern Alberta, we had numerous homes in town flood and this project will help alleviate that as our community grows.” Regional Infrastruc­ture Master Plan work underway The Town of Vauxhall was recently awarded an Alberta Community Partnershi­p Grant with the MD of Taber.

The funding, delivered through Alberta Municipal Affairs, will support up to $200,000 towards a Regional Infrastruc­ture Master Plan.

MPE Engineerin­g has already begun with surveying the community of Vauxhall and the surroundin­g areas of the MD of Taber. This grant will explore topographi­c and infrastruc­ture data, wastewater collection systems, water plant and distributi­on systems, wastewater collection and treatment, stormwater collection systems, transporta­tion system condition assessment and inter-municipal capacity reviews, intermunic­ipal impact and assessment­s as well as infrastruc­ture replacemen­t/repair review and cost analysis and the creation of a 10-year capital plan.

The objective of the Alberta Community Partnershi­p is to improve the viability and long-term sustainabi­lity of municipali­ties by providing support for regional collaborat­ion and capacity building initiative­s. Key program outcomes include new or enhanced regional municipal services; improved municipal capacity to respond to municipal and regional priorities; and effective intermunic­ipal relations through joint and collaborat­ive activities.

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