Po­lit­i­cal unity turfed in favour of ego

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Unity. For most mem­bers of the Con­ser­va­tive cause it is the ve­hi­cle for achiev­ing our goals, it is our great­est strength to have a united con­sen­sus voice, all opin­ions heard and de­bated, and one com­bined vi­sion to pros­per­ity.

I re­mem­ber the re­cent lead­er­ship elec­tions in the CPC and UCP, stronger to­gether, do not reck­lessly split the right, trust me lead us all and coun­try be­fore self was the com­mon theme es­poused by can­di­dates and po­lit­i­cal big names.

But if you lose or fall foul of the rules then all that stuff can go hang be­cause my ego is far more important than ac­cept­ing re­sults or con­se­quences for poor judge­ment must have been a clause that slipped by un­no­ticed by the grass­roots faith­ful.

First, we have Mr. Derek Filde­brandt the founder of United Liberty and one of the driv­ing forces for the Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­va­tive/Wil­drose merger.

A vo­cal supporter of Jason Ken­ney, a po­ten­tial lead­er­ship chal­lenger and the bane of Brian Jean through­out the elec­tion. He made mul­ti­ple er­rors in judg­ment that re­sulted in his ex­pul­sion from the UCP cau­cus.

Did he ac­cept the con­se­quences of his ac­tions and work to­wards a strong, united right-of-cen­tre fu­ture?

The FCP, the former Sepa­ra­tion Party of Al­berta, is your an­swer there.

Why stick to pro­fessed be­liefs and stances when you can take your ego for a spin. Claim­ing to have no more wish than to be an hon­est bro­ker in a fu­ture right-of-cen­tre coali­tion, it would be hard to find a sit­ting MLA whose re­cent record is less hon­est and with fewer bro­ken com­mit­ments.

And so, we move to the cu­ri­ous case of Mr. Maxime Bernier. A former min­is­ter of for­eign af­fairs in Prime Min­is­ter Harper’s gov­ern­ment till his res­ig­na­tion for the Julie Couil­lard brief­ing book con­tro­versy, he then went on to put in a solid tenure as a back­bench MP and min­is­ter of small busi­nesses.

Come the lead­er­ship elec­tion he stood as one of the front run­ners in a rel­a­tively crowded field be­fore be­ing de­feated in the fi­nal bal­lot by Mr. An­drew Scheer.

Al­though the im­pe­rial court at­mos­phere cul­ti­vated by Mr. Bernier over the elec­tion weekend prior to the re­sults left a slightly sour taste he agreed to work to­wards a uni­fied fu­ture.

Till he de­cided that he was robbed of the crown and here’s the book to prove it, dis­card­ing mem­bers of his own party as fake con­ser­va­tives and the party it­self as “In­tel­lec­tu­ally and morally cor­rupt” I won­der Max how the 49 per cent who favoured your lead­er­ship feel about that glow­ing de­scrip­tion.

He was re­moved from the shadow team and asked to tow the party line and hon­our his pledge to the lead­er­ship. In­stead we have yet again an­other sim­i­lar case of “I‘m right and I will form my own party to prove it.” Gone is the unity cry, cast aside is the one vi­sion fu­ture, sup­planted is the con­sen­sus goals, all re­placed by the crown­ing of ego first, coun­try later.

In the words of former prime min­is­ter Stephen Harper: “It is clear that Max never ac­cepted the re­sult of the lead­er­ship vote and seeks only to divide con­ser­va­tives. His de­ci­sion to­day al­lows the Con­ser­va­tive Party of Canada to move for­ward United be­hind our leader An­drew Scheer.”

Time will tell whether the sour grapes and egos of two men will re­sult in sec­ond terms for the pro­vin­cial NDP and fed­eral Lib­er­als.

My hope is that their di­vid­ing agen­das are treated with the level of re­spect de­served for such en­deav­ours. Zero.


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