Who looks out for the poor?

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Cana­dian “sheeple” have been trained into too much trust: in the me­dia, in politi­cians, in ex­perts and pun­dits of all stripes. We have too much ed­u­ca­tion to be­lieve our own senses. We need the gov­ern­ment to do some­thing. Who says so?

The tired old rhetoric is that we need more for­eign in­vestors; we need free trade deals that are any­thing but free. The con­ser­va­tives are still try­ing to sell pri­vacy and the mar­kets even after they have spec­tac­u­larly failed us; then de­mand we save them with tril­lions of tax dol­lars that the rich do not con­trib­ute to. Is this a fair sys­tem?

Why do peo­ple stand by while politi­cians give away tax breaks and sub­si­dies to share­hold­ers? Shouldn’t hu­man per­sons – the poor and home­less be cared for first? U of C pub­lic pol­icy wonks and spokes­peo­ple for the rich (UPC) say we must pro­vide the poor share­hold­ers with a “level play­ing field.” They have noth­ing but rhetoric for the home­less and hun­gry kids who only get di­rec­tions to the food banks.

This is the re­sult of Rea­gan/Thatcher “Greed is Good” brain­wash. Why is the Al­berta cow­boy me­dia so ac­cept­ing of abuse of the hu­man spirit, while prais­ing profit? (Yet we still claim to be “Chris­tians.” I won­der what Je­sus would say to­day.)

Why does the Leth­bridge Her­ald print two full pages, sand­wich­ing all the news be­tween UPC en­dorse­ments by the dis­cred­ited Harper? Is The Her­ald bi­ased? Who pays for ad­ver­tise­ments for the poor?

This sys­tem seems a bla­tant dou­ble stan­dard to me. Cor­po­ra­tions get cash hand­outs, while the poor must de­pend on char­ity at the food bank. The home­less don’t even get that – gov­ern­ments in­sist you have to have an ad­dress and a phone num­ber (even if it is reg­is­tered in the Ba­hamas). It’s the sys­tem, stupid.


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