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12 Friday, May 22, 2020 - Prairie Post West - Alberta Park enthusiast­s will have to wait a little longer EHIRUH WKH\ FDQ IXOO\ HQMR\ DOO SDUN DPHQLWLHV Chief Mountain border crossing opening delayed due to COVID-19 CONTRIBUTE­D Temporary suspension of service at select Canadian border services locations public health reasons. Visitors continue to be restricted from entering Canada unless they are both asymptomat­ic and crossing the border for essential reasons, such as work or study. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and Registered Indians under the Indian Act continue to enter Canada by right. All travellers are subject to COVID-19 entry screening measures and, with limited exemptions, must quarantine or isolate for 14 days. Healthy, non-symptomati­c foreign nationals, travelling through Canada for non-discretion­ary purposes, such as to return home to Alaska, may transit through Canada. Finally, persons considerin­g a visit to Waterton Lakes National Park should be aware that Parks Canada has suspended camping, group activities, and events at all Parks Canada places across the country until at least May 31, 2020. Vehicle access by visitors and visitor services are suspended, and facilities remain closed until further notice. Follow @WatertonLa­kesNP for informatio­n and updates. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is advising travellers that the seasonal opening of the Chief Mountain, Alberta border crossing (AB Hwy 6) will be delayed until further notice due to COVID-19. The port of entry had originally been scheduled to open on May 15, but will now remain closed until such a time as internatio­nal travel restrictio­ns are lifted. Persons whose travel is essential must seek entry to Canada at an alternate port of entry, such as the Carway border crossing (AB Hwy 2), currently open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The temporary restrictio­n on all non-essential travel at the Canada-United States border has been extended until May 21, 2020, and can be prolonged as necessary for Further to the reduction of service at some Canadian land border ports of entry on April 15, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) today announced the temporary suspension of service at certain small vessel reporting sites, small airports of entry, ferry terminals and to the Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) program. These COVID-19 related measures are temporary, and in effect as of May 12, 2020, at 23:59 EDT. They will remain in effect until further notice. The CBSA will proceed with the temporary suspension of service at a total of 342 small vessel reporting sites and 126 small airports. Air and marine traffic will be redirected as appropriat­e. The small vessel reporting locations are primarily marinas and telephone reporting sites that support recreation­al boating. With the high-traffic boating season fast approachin­g, the CBSA typically observes an increase in the volume of travellers coming to Canada at these sites for recreation­al purposes, which are currently prohibited. In support of the Government of Canada’s objective to have all inbound travellers assessed for symptoms of COVID-19, the Agency is redirectin­g air and marine traffic to ports of entry where the CBSA maintains or can deploy officer presence. Additional­ly, a number of ferry operators have decided to suspend services between Canada and the United States. This decision was made independen­tly by each ferry operator. The RABC program, which is only available in parts of northweste­rn Ontario and southeaste­rn Manitoba, has been temporaril­y suspended. Permit holders cannot use their RABC permit to enter Canada until current Canadian travel restrictio­ns are lifted. The Government of Canada continues to introduce border measures to limit the spread of coronaviru­s disease (COVID-19) in Canada. All discretion­ary or optional travel into Canada continues to be prohibited. The CBSA remains committed to ensuring that Indigenous people continue to be able to move within and between their communitie­s, and are able to provide and access essential goods and services. SERVING LETHBRIDGE AND AREA FOR 23 YEARS! Quick Facts t /PX JT OPU UIF UJNF GPS OPO FTTFOUJBM USBWFM IJLJOH across the border, boating across the border, and visiting Canada for other recreation­al activities is currently prohibited. t -BTU ZFBS NPSF UIBO USBWFMMFST FOUFSFE $BOBEB at Chief Mountain. Upcoming Auctions: GP UP XXX HXBDPVOUSZ DPN GPS DPNQMFUF MJTUJOH 403.327.9405 • LIVE WEBCAST AUCTIONS: /&8 %"5& MAY 23 - Saturday 10:00 AM Auto & RV Auction *ODMVEJOH $JUZ PG .FEJDJOF )BU 7FIJDMFT t %JSLTPO %SJWF /& 3FEDMJGG "# 0O 0GGFS 5SVDLT 'PSE ' T ' ' X #PY )PJTU $IFW $PMPSBEP 4JMWFSBEP (.$ X TFSWJDF CPY %PEHF 3BN 467 T $BST $IFWZ $SV[ )ZVOEBJ 4BOUB 'F ,JB 3POEP $IFW 5BIPF 4QFDJBMUZ (.$ #MVFCJSE #VT 'PSE $VCF 7BO 0GýDF JODMVEJOH $JUZ PG .FEJDJOF )BU 4VSQMVT XBUDI GPS NPSF DPNJOH JO XXX HXBDPVOUSZ DPN Great food and beverage at two locations .BZ 4BUVSEBZ ". $POTJHONFOU "VDUJPO /0 7&)*$-&4 *ODMVEJOH 5PPMT 'VSOJUVSF :BSE &RVJQNFOU #JDZDMFT %JF $BTU $BST +FXFMMFSZ $PNNFSDJBM 'MPPS 4DSVCCFS %SJMM 'JMM t "JS $PNQSFTTPS t UI 8IFFM )JUDI t .JMMFS 8FMEFS .PVOUFE PO 5SBJMFS t 4JEFXBML 4XFFQFS t 1MBZHSPVOE FRVJQNFOU t 7FSNFFS 5SFF 4QBEF NPVOUFE PO $IFW 5PO t 4PE $VUUFS t - 1MBTUJD 5BOL t #PCDBU BUUBDINFOU­T 4QSFBEFS 5SFODIFS t (SPVOENBTUF­S 5PSP .PXFS BOE NPSF XBUDI XFCTJUF GPS VQEBUFT 7JFXJOH CZ "QQPJOUNFOU 0OMZ DBMM t $PWJE 4BGFUZ 1SPUPDPM JO QMBDF XF BSF UBLJOH FWFSZ QSFDBVUJPO UP LFFQ UIF IFBMUI TBGFUZ PG BMM PVS DVTUPNFST BOE TUBGG PVS UPQ QSJPSJUZ Quick Facts t 5IJT UFNQPSBSZ TVTQFOTJPO PG TFSWJDF XJMM CF SFWJFXFE PO an ongoing basis as the public health situation evolves. t 5SBWFMMFST BSF SFRVJSFE UP XFBS B OPO NFEJDBM NBTL PS face covering upon entry to Canada and while in transit to isolation or quarantine, unless the mask or face covering needs to be removed for security or safety reasons. For Catalog and to register for online bidding go to Contact Kathy or Trevor at 403-594-9995 or Monday - Friday between 9 & 4 587-800-9997 t 5SBWFMMFST XIP BSF HSBOUFE FOUSZ JOUP $BOBEB XJMM CF informed of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)’s mandatory 14-day isolation requiremen­t. This is mandatory for all coming into Canada even if they do not have any symptoms, as they are at risk of developing symptoms and infecting others. If they do have symptoms, they will be referred to a health profession­al. menu and daily specials 1401 Dirkson Drive NE Redcliff, AB t 5SBWFMMFST XJMM BMTP CF SFRVJSFE UP QSPWJEF UIFJS DPOUBDU $FMM r &NBJM informatio­n and place of isolation to help PHAC monitor and enforce compliance with the 14-day isolation requiremen­t. XXX HXBDPVOUSZ DPN Leader in the Post Frame Industry 2808 5 Ave N, Lethbridge, AB Open for DINE IN & Pick Up Wed thru Sat 11am - 7:30pm (days/hours may change) Located inside Perlich Bros. 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