Prairie Post (West Edition) : 2020-10-16

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16 Friday, October 16, 2020 - Prairie Post West - COWTOWN LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE INC. MAPLE CREEK, SASK. “100% Community Minded” ‡ www.cowtownliv­ COMPLETE SALES SCHEDULE FOR REST OF 2020 October 20th Angus Calf Presort October 22nd Angus Calf Presort October 24th Angus & Hereford Calf Presort October 27th Charolais, Simmental & Red Angus Calf Presort October 29th All Breed Calf Presort Featuring Angus October 31st All Breed Calf Presort Featuring Angus & Hereford November 3rd All Breed Calf Presort Featuring Angus November 5th All Breed Calf Presort Featuring Angus & Hereford November 10th Regular Sale With Off-Truck Yearlings November 14th All Breed Calf Presort WE HAVE A WIDE RANGE OF TRAILERS FOR RENT, CALL US FOR RATES! W N P a r t s I November 17th Regular Sale November 19th All Breed Calf Presort Dealer for Mirage Sport, Auto and Cargo Trailers Supplier of Heavy Duty Parts, Accessorie­s, Filters & Oils for all Makes & Models! November 24th Regular Sale With Bred Cows & Heifers Also dealer for . . . Alberta built Double A Decks and Dump Trailers. Check out our selection of Autos . . . if we don’t have it, we can get it for you. November 27th Bred Cow & Heifer Sale 4BMFT BOE 3FOUBMT t 'JOBODJOH BWBJMBCMF December 1st Regular Sale With Bred Cows & Heifers December 3rd “Money In The Bank” Bred Heifer Sale t !HNBJM DPN December 5th Preconditi­oned & Freshly Weaned JXOQBSUT Calf Presort December 8th Regular Sale With Bred Cows & Heifers )JHIXBZ December 11th Cowtown Cowmaker Bred Sale Bow Island %JWJTJPO PG #PX *TMBOE 'BSN $FOUSF December 15th Last Chance Sale UI "WF &BTU #PX *TMBOE FEEDER FINANCE PROGRAM AVAILABLE Phone 403-545-6779 Cell: 403-952-0098 CONTACTS: Tyler Cronkhite, manager/auctioneer 662-2648 or 661-8786 (cell) Stop by Napa/Farm Centre for all your Auto Parts & Farm Equipment needs! +JN 8JMTPO BVDUJPOFFS t #SFOU 8FJTT BVDUJPOFFS Gordie Cameron, auctioneer/fieldman 622-2234 or 741-7077 (cell) Rocky Houff, fieldman 403-527-0352 or 403-548-9829 (cell) Darvin Mason, fieldman 662-3497 or 662-8218 (cell) BOW ISLAND FARM CENTRE Highway No. 3, Bow Island, AB 403-545-6868 PRESORT SALES on LIVE FEED Go to our website and click on Live Feed Neeralta Grain Bagging System Think outside the bin™ In a class of its own, the Neeralta Grain Bagging System is the pinnacle of efficiency, and ease of use. Learn more today about farming faster, easier, and with less downtime.

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