Prairie Post (West Edition) : 2020-10-16

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Friday, October 16, 2020 19 - Prairie Post West - ALL OUR WHEATHEART AUGERS C/W ELECTRIC CLUTCHES LED LIGHT KIT (3) REVERSING GEAR BOX The ³AGI´ U-TROUGH AUGER c/w 38HP Kohler EFI Engine or 37HP Vangaurd EFI Engine Triple Groove Electric Clutch SP Kit Reversible Gear Box Westeel 1616F Fertilizer Bin, 114 Tonne Capacity. Sight Glasses (3), man hole, Skid Base, Stainless Steel Rack & Pinion Slight Blemish. 2 Available $ave $1,000 TRUDEAU JUMPS FROM ³WE´ SCANDAL TO ³WEI´ SCANDAL! HOW MUCH CORRUPTION CAN ONE MAN FIND WITHOUT GETTING FIRED? Asking for the Honest People In Canada. You Fed It, This Will Spread It! i i i i ¶

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