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Government that hides facts untrustwor­thy

- Letter to the Editor BY GLEN MOTZ Glen Motz, MP Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner

Trust is in short supply these days. Historical­ly, it has always been so with politician­s (and should stay that way) – however, over the past number of years trust in critical institutio­ns has deteriorat­ed in Canada.

For example, trust in policing is at an all time low as we witness varied outcomes for differing groups of people, along with diverse levels of services based on where one resides. Likewise, police are equally as frustrated by the expectatio­n that they are the caretakers for all of society’s troubles while political leaders and public servants do little to deal with the escalating mental health crisis, overdose epidemic, and other social challenges that become a policing responsibi­lity by default.

Police are being set up to fail, as the various levels of government­s, who Canadians once trusted to tackle these societal issues, have abandoned both those impacted by them and the police services responsibl­e for managing them.

Trust between regions of the country has also deteriorat­ed significan­tly since 2015. While other provinces prospered, Alberta saw federal government ideologies, questionab­le policies and inaction rapidly destroy jobs, families, companies, industries and our provincial economy. Justificat­ion for decisions has been wide-ranging and most often inaccurate, with facts and informatio­n replaced by ideology and politics.

Rather than one, strong, united country during the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada is broken into 10 provinces and three territorie­s struggling individual­ly to mitigate the impacts of the virus.

The myriad challenges and heavy lifting has been left to the provinces, while the federal government delivers cheques, eager to avoid making any decisions that might have blowback or hurt them politicall­y.

At this point in the pandemic it’s unacceptab­le that conflictin­g or limited informatio­n related to COVID-19 remains. Canadians deserve to see the concrete data used in developing public policy decisions surroundin­g the pandemic response. In fact, the Liberal government has yet to implement any system to gather such data, despite public health officials, scientists and legislator­s begging for it. This failure signals the inability to determine if current measures to halt the virus spread are even effective.

Lack of data also eliminates the prospect of evaluating the success of the measures taken thus far, including lockdowns.

Does restrictin­g the population-at-large from accessing all that is familiar, have more or less benefit, than the negative societal impacts of job losses, business closures, undiagnose­d medical conditions, loved ones dying with no one by their side, separated families, increased mental health and addiction issues?

These impacts, and many more, are the destructiv­e fallout from extensive lockdowns and encroachme­nts on our civil liberties.

Distrust in this current government actually undermines Canadians’ willingnes­s to trust a successive government.

As the Official Opposition, Canada’s Conservati­ves have been working tirelessly to restore public confidence in their political leaders and federal institutio­ns. We will deliver a government that exceeds the accountabi­lity Canadians expect, and secure a strong future for our incredible country.

We all deserve nothing less.

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