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Ag - Matters

Friday, February 12, 2021 19 - Prairie Post West - Wild boar at Large in Alberta a danger to farms and animals ALBERTA AGRICULTUR­E requiremen­ts were put in place to help prevent boar from escaping and becoming pests at-large. When wild boar are in captivity, they are considered livestock as long as the farmer meets the fencing standards. reproducti­on rate of wild boar means that hunting is not an effective means of control. If you have wild boar at-large on your property, call or email Agricultur­e and Forestry instead. They and the municipali­ty will work with you to find a solution. Wild boar are farmed in Alberta as livestock. When they are not being raised as livestock on a farm, they are considered to be “at large” and are an invasive pest that can: Hunting Wild Boar is Not a Solution If you see a wild boar at-large call 310-FARM (3276) or email note the location and safely provide any photos of damage caused by wild boar or the animals themselves. Provincial government staff will collect the informatio­n and work with the landowner and the municipali­ty to help find a solution. t %BNBHF QSPQFSUZ BHSJDVMUVS­BM DSPQT QBTUVSFT BOE UIF FOWJSPONFO­U Non-profession­al (recreation­al) hunting of wild boar at-large can actually make it harder for organized control efforts. Boar are very smart. Hunting can make them learn quickly to avoid humans, disperse to new locations and become nocturnal. As well, the high including through rooting (digging) t t &OEBOHFS QFPQMF BOE BOJNBMT )BSBTT MJWFTUPDL BOE DPOTVNF UIFJS GFFE QSFZ PO ZPVOH MJWFTUPDL and wildlife t 4QSFBE EJTFBTFT UIBU DPVME CF USBOTNJUUF­E UP XJMEMJGF MJWFTUPDL QFUT and people Rockyford Steel WE HAVE A WIDE RANGE OF TRAILERS FOR RENT, CALL US FOR RATES! "MUFS UIF FDPTZTUFN JODMVEJOH UISPVHI XBMMPXJOH UIBU DBO DPOUBNJnat­e water supplies, promote erosion, and destroy fish habitat $PNQFUF XJUI XJMEMJGF BOE EFTUSPZ PUIFS TFOTJUJWF OBUVSBM IBCJUBUT $POTVNF UIF FHHT PG HSPVOE OFTUJOH CJSET t t t Wild boar in Alberta Dealer for Mirage Sport, Auto and Cargo Trailers Enlarge any Bin Opening to 36” with an Upgrade Collar Wild boar are not native to Alberta. They came to the province in the 1980s and '90s as livestock. Over the years, some animals escaped, and have establishe­d several feral/wild population­s. Also dealer for . . . Alberta built Double A Decks and Dump Trailers. Check out our selection of Autos . . . if we don’t have it, we can get it for you. How they survive 4BMFT BOE 3FOUBMT t 'JOBODJOH BWBJMBCMF Wild boar are very adaptable. The wild boar in Alberta are typically the Eurasian type and have long dark hair and a woolly underfur that protects them from extreme cold. They build nests where they shelter during cold weather and are able to travel in deep snow to access food sources. Extension Rings available for 14’, 18’ & 19’ Bins Habitats Wild boar prefer habitats that provide forest cover for hiding and resting, as well as access to food. During the summer months they can be found close to water sources where they can wallow to stay cool. 403-533-2258 Call for a quote What they eat Wild boar will eat just about any organic matter. They are omnivores, which means they will eat plants, insects, and other animals. They have a “cartilagin­ous disc” on their snouts, which helps them dig and root extensivel­y in search of insects and roots. They can use their very sharp tusks for rooting, as well as protection. %JWJTJPO PG #PX *TMBOE 'BSN $FOUSF www.rockyfords­ UI "WF &BTU #PX *TMBOE Signs of wild boar at-large Phone 403-545-6779 Cell: 403-952-0098 Signs of boar activity include: t 5SBDLT JO UIF TOPX PS NVE PS USBJMT PG HSPVQT iTPVOEFSTw PG CPBS t 4JHOT PG CPBS EJHHJOH PS SPMMJOH BSPVOE SPPUJOH BOE XBMMPXJOH t 4JHOT PG CPBS FBUJOH ZPVS MJWFTUPDL GFFE t #PBS ESPQQJOHT t 5SBNQMFE PS EFTUSPZFE DSPQT Stop by Napa/Farm Centre for all your Auto Parts & Farm Equipment needs! Alberta’s wild boar regulation­s Wild boar at-large are an agricultur­al pest. Under the Agricultur­al Pests Act, landowners are required to control or destroy pests and prevent them from becoming establishe­d on their land. People conducting pest control must adhere to the general laws around firearms and trespassin­g. Contact your local police or Fish and Wildlife Office for more informatio­n. In 2014, Agricultur­e and Forestry's Wild Boar Containmen­t Standards were enacted for farmed wild boar. These enhanced fencing BOW ISLAND FARM CENTRE Highway No. 3, Bow Island, AB 403-545-6868 WIDE RANGE OF EQUIPMENT RENTALS ALWAYS AVAILABLE TRAILERS to MOWERS to TILLERS plus MUCH MORE! CALL 1-866-784-8890 for DETAILS! We are also Dealers for: YOUR BULK FUEL, FEED, AND FLAMAN EQUIPMENT RENTAL DEALER Brand Supplement­s #PCDBU 4LJETUFFS &ODMPTFE $BSHP 5SBJMFS (PPTFOFDL 'MBUEFDL XJUI #FBWFS 5BJMT LOOKING FORWARD TO SERVING YOU IN 2021! We supply Petro Canada Fuel & Lubes. t %JFTFM &YIBVTU 'MVJE 'VFM BOE -VCF %JTQFOTJOH 4ZTUFNT t 'VFM 5BOLT t "OUJGSFF[F t (MZDPM t .FUIZM )ZESBUF t 4PMWFOU t ,FSPTFOF 1-866-784-8890 t 4XJGU $VSSFOU t "TTJOJCPJB t (SBWFMCPVSH t .BOLPUB t 3JDINPVOE t -BþFDIF t 4IBVOBWPO t &BTUFOE t .BQMF $SFFL t 'PY 7BMMFZ t 7BM .BSJF t 1FOOBOU