Prairie Post (West Edition) : 2021-02-19

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Friday, February 19, 2021 5 - Prairie Post West - Public Notice Proposed Terms of Reference for Environmen­tal Impact Assessment Report. Montem Resources Alberta Operations Ltd. Proposed Tent Mountain Project - Resumption of Mining and Coal Handling and Processing Plant Montem Resources Alberta Operations Ltd. (Montem), a wholly owned subsidiary of Montem Resources Corp., is proposing to develop the Tent Mountain Project (the Project). The Project will be located in south-west Alberta near the Crowsnest Pass, approximat­ely 16 km west of the community of Coleman, in the Municipali­ty of Crowsnest Pass, Sections 1, 11, and 12 Township 8 Range 6, Section 6 Township 8 Range 5, Section 31 Township 7 Range 5, Sections 12, 13, 14, 23, 24, 26, 25, and 36, Township 7 Range 6, West of the 5th Meridian. The Project will involve the resumption of mining at a surface coal mine, a coal preparatio­n plant and associated infrastruc­ture including a coal conveyor system and a rail load-out facility. The total project area will be confined to the existing Mine Permit area of 750 hectares and the mine production will average 1.2 million tonnes of metallurgi­cal coal per year. The director responsibl­e for environmen­tal assessment has directed that an environmen­tal impact assessment report be prepared for the Tent Mountain Project - Resumption of Mining and Coal Handling and Processing Plant. Montem Resources Alberta Operations Ltd. has prepared a proposed terms of reference for this environmen­tal impact assessment and through this public notice invites the public to review this document. Any comments filed concerning the proposed terms of reference will be accessible to the public. The proposed terms of reference and associated project informatio­n can be viewed at the following locations: t Floor, Petroleum Plaza, South, (choose t "MCFSUB &OWJSPONFOU BOE 1BSLT 3FHJTUFS PG &OWJSPONFOU­BM "TTFTTNFOU 5PXFS o 4USFFU &ENPOUPO "MCFSUB "UUO .FMBOJF %BOFMVL nd Current Projects) For further informatio­n on the project or copies of the proposed terms of reference and associated project informatio­n please contact: Shireen Ouellet P.Bio1. %JSFDUPS PG &OWJSPONFOU BOE 3FHVMBUPSZ +1 587.425.5996 "WF t 10 #PY Coleman, Alberta T0K 0M0 Individual­s wishing to provide written comments on the proposed terms of reference must submit them by April 5, 2021 to: %JSFDUPS &OWJSPONFOU­BM "TTFTTNFOU Regulatory Applicatio­ns "MCFSUB &OFSHZ 3FHVMBUPS Suite 1000, 250-5th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0R4 & NBJM "&3&OWJSPONFOU­BM "TTFTTNFOU!BFS DB Privacy Statement By providing your personal informatio­n and comments, you are consenting to the public disclosure of your name and comments. You should not include any informatio­n in your comments you do not want disclosed publicly. Other personal informatio­n, for example addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, will be removed. This personal informatio­n is being collected under the authorizat­ion of Sections 33(a) and (c) of the and is managed in accordance with Part 2 of the FOIP Act. Your name and comments are being disclosed under the authorizat­ion of Section 35(1)(a)(ii) of the Your personal informatio­n will only be collected, used and disclosed for the purpose stated above and for no other purpose without your specific written consent or unless required to do so by law. Freedom of Informatio­n and Protection of Privacy Act Environmen­t Protection and Enhancemen­t Act. If you have any question about the collection, use and disclosure of your personal informatio­n, or should you XJTI UP IBWF ZPVS QFSTPOBM JOGPSNBUJP­O SFNPWFE QMFBTF DPOUBDU UIF &OWJSPONFOU­BM "TTFTTNFOU 3FHJTUSBS BU 780-427-5828, environmen­