Prairie Post (West Edition) : 2021-02-19

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Friday, February 19, 2021 9 - Prairie Post West - Coming Events HEATED CANOLA The Blanket Classified­s BLANKET THE buying or Value PROVINCE with a Green, Heated or Ads reach over classified ad. Only Springthra­shed 600,000 Alberta $269 (based on Canola. Buying: readers weekly. 25 words or less). oats, barley, wheat Two options starting Reach 90 weekly & peas for feed. at $269 or $995 newspapers. Call Buying damaged to get your message NOW for details. or offgrade grain. out! Business 1-800-282-6903 “On Farm Pickup” changes, hiring, Ext 225; www. Westcan Feed & items for sale, Grain, 1-877-2505252. cancellati­ons, tenders, FIREARMS etc. People WANTED FOR Land For Sale are increasing­ly APRIL 24th, 2021 DUCKS UNLIMITED staying home and LIVE & ONLINE CANADA has rely on their local AUCTION. Rifles, for sale 4 project newspapers for Shotguns, Handguns, lands in Beaver informatio­n. KEEP Militaria. County. Land locations people in the loop Auction or Pur- are: with our 90 Weekly chase: Collection­s, SW27-50-16-W4, Community Estates, Individual SE 18-49-14 W4M, Newspapers. Call Items. Contact S½ 3-46-11 W4M THIS NEWSPAPER Paul, Switzer’s and NW 32-47-13 now or email Auction: Toll-Free W4M. Call Brent classified­s@awna. 1-800-694-2609; Thygesen, com for details. sales@switzersau­ 1-800-282-6903, or or 780 678-0150. 780-434-8746 www.switzersau­ VERY INEXPENSIV­E X225. www.awna. 2 QUARTERS com. Feed and Seed OF PASTURE CRIMINAL RECORD? ALBERTA FEED LAND, Why suffer GRAIN: Buying Central SK, for employment/ Oats, Barley, sale. 8 other good licensing loss? Wheat, Canola, quarters may be Travel/business Peas, Screenings, available. Requires opportunit­ies? Be Mixed Grains. Dry, fencing. Great embarrasse­d? Wet, Heated, or hunting $74,900. Think: Criminal Spring Thresh. Call Doug at 306716-2671. Pardon. US entry Prompt Payment. waiver. Record In House Trucks, Health purge. File In House Excreta HIP/KNEE REPLACEMEN­T. destructio­n. Free Cleaning. Vac consultati­on. Rental. 1-888-4838789. Other medical 1-800-347-2540. conditions causing www.accesslega­ CERTIFIED TROUBLE WALKING SEED. - WHEAT or DRESSING? GET BACK ON – Go Early, Pintail. The Disability TRACK! Bad - OATS – AC Tax Credit credit? Bills? Unemployed? Juniper, AC Morgan, allows for $3,000 Need AC Mustang, yearly tax credit Money? We Lend! Derby, SO1 Super and $30,000 lump If you own your Oat. - BARLEY sum refund. Take own home - you – Amisk, Busby, advantage of this qualify. Pioneer Cerveza, Conlon, offer. Apply NOW; Acceptance Corp. CDC Austenson, quickest refund Member BBB. CDC Maverick, Nationwide: Expert 1-877-987-1420. Sundre. Very Early help. 1-844-4535372. www.pioneerwes­t. Yellow Pea, Forage com. Peas. Polish Canola, Services Spring Triticale. GET YOUR MESSAGE mastinseed­; SEEN 403-556-2609. ACROSS Alberta. Call now to place an ad in our Classified­s, and reach thousands of potential buyers! Phone 403-328-4433 Fax 403-381-3350 • Email classified@lethbridge­ WANTED Easy Calving Angus Hybrid Bulls for Heifers BOILERMAKE­RS LODGE 146 Charlton Cattle Co. has more than 40 years’ experience raising easy calving bulls for first calf heifers. only DEAD OR ALIVE t 49 red and black easy calving yearling bulls on test (65-85 pound BWs) Less than 1% assist rate in over 32,000 home-raised and commercial heifers Six month breeding soundness guarantee for upcoming 2021 Maintenanc­e Turnaround­s in Alberta. Canadian Prairie Pickers t $44/HR t t TIG '*TTERS 8&-%&34 t # 13&4463& t "113&/5*$&4 WELDERS t An easy calving, stress-free spring is just a phone call away! are once again touring the area! + BENEFITS 780-806-1229 Contact Daryl at 780-451-5992 ext 247 Paying Cash For Coin Collection­s, Silver & Gold Coins, Royal Can. Mint Sets. Also Buying Gold Jewelry send resume to: hr146@boilermake­ CharltonCa­ www.CharltonCa­ rbmoailker­ms.caak/neorns-.mcaember 'or moreFoin fom ,v r oisri e ibnofoile: t: 458 WINTER HARDY ALGONQUIN ALFALFA SEED open essential united For Sale Certified 2020 Algonquin Alfalfa Seed $ $ $ $ We purchase rolls, bags or boxes of silver coins 99.9% purity, zero weed seeds, inoculated, in 55 lb bags wholesale price $2.90 a pound. Algonquin Alfalfa is a tap root tri foliate, extremely winter hardy, fine stem, and excellent disease resistance. Also Selling Timothy and Brome Grass Blends to your specificat­ions. PAYING HIGHEST PRICES Farmer Direct. FREE SHIPPING on orders over 1200 lb. To arrange a free, discrete in-home visit call Kellie at 1-778-257-8647 foodbanksa­ Call Ram River Forage Seeds 403-634-1643 Bonded since 1967